53 teams registered to the European Club Competitions


Yesterday was the last day for the registration of the European Club Competitions (Euroleague, Female League Cup and WS Europe Cup) after the first deadline (31st July) was exceeded due to the various irregularities during the registration process. 53 are the teams registered to the three European Club Competitions, a number really similar to the last seasons.

Euroleague – 13 teams
Barça (SP), Bassano H 1954 (IT), SL Benfica (PT), RHC Diessbach (SWI), SK Germania Herringen (GER), Deportivo Liceo (SP), La Vendeenne (FR), CE Noia (SP), UD Oliveirense (PT), FC Porto (PT), Reus Deportiu (SP), Sporting CP (PT), SCRA Saint Omer (FR)

There are 13 teams registered, three less than the last year. Four italian teams greet the first european competition (Forte, Lodi and Monza, Sarzana on Ws Europe Cup), along with Dinan Quevert (WS Europe Cup) and Biasca (WS Europe Cup). Back in the Euroleague, the french La Vendeenne, the swiss Diessbach and the italian Bassano, the unique italian team left on the list. Confirmed the fourth portuguese teams (Benfica, Porto, Sporting and Oliveirense) joined to the four spanish clubs (Barcelona, Liceo, Noia, Reus): there will be also the confirmed french winner SCRA Saint Omer and the german winner SK Germania Herringen. In the coming days, the European Committee will request to three teams of the WS Europe Cup to join the Euroleague competition, according to the priority order table for substitution of the allocated “shares”: Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany. 

Female League Cup – 14 teams
Atlantique Vendee (FR), SL Benfica (PT), Cerdanyola CH (SP), CA Clube de Ourique (PT), Coutras (FR), Telecable Gijon HC (SP), CP Manlleu (SP), SA Merignac (FR), CS Noisy Le Grand (FR), HCM Stuart Massama (PT), Generali Palau (SP), IGR Remscheid (GER), CP Voltregà (SP), RESG Walsum (GER)

The maximum female competition returns to the old formula and returns to have 14 teams, 6 more than the last year. Spain will have 5 teams, including the invitedTelecable Gijon (Manlleu, Generali Palau, Voltregà and the new Cerdanyola). France confirmed its great value for women’s rink hockey with 4 teams registered: Coutras, Merignac, Noisy Le Grand and the new Atlantique Vendee, a new club from Nantes. Three the portugueses, Benfica, the returning of Stuart Massama and the new Caco. Germany returns to the competition with Remscheid and Walsum.

WS Europe Cup – 26 teams
OC Barcelos (PT), RH Biasca (SWI), HC Braga (PT), CP Calafell (SP), CH Caldes (SP), Coutras (FR), HC Dinan Quevert (FR), RHC Dornbirn (AUS), TuS Dusseldorf-Nord (GER), Follonica H (IT), Geneve RHC (SWI), Girona CH (SP), Igualada HC (SP), King’s Lynn (ENG), CE Lleida Llista (SP), HC Montreux (SWI), CS Noisy Le Grand (FR), Poiree Roller (FR), IGR Remscheid (GER), Riba d’Ave HC (PT), AD Sanjoanense (PT), H. Sarzana (IT), RSC Uttigen (SWI), RESG Walsum (GER), RHC Wimmis (SWI), RHC Wolfurt (AUS)

26 teams registered in the second european male competition. 13 are the clubs left the competition but 11 new clubs back in the competition, many of them are new. Five spanish clubs (Caldes, Girona, Igualada, Lleida and the new Calafell); five swiss (Biasca, Geneve, Montreux, Uttigen and Wimmis); four portugueses (Barcelos, Braga and the new Riba D’Ave and Sanjoanense); four french (Coutras, Dinan Quevert, Noisy and the new Poiree); three germans (Remscheid, Dusseldorf and the new Walsum); two italian (Follonica and Sarzana) and austrian (Dornbirn, Wolfurt); one english club, King’s Lynn.

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