All the favourite teams win the first Leg of Preliminary Round of Female League Cup


CP Manlleu, CP Voltregà, ERG Iserlohn, HCP Plegamans and SL Benfica, win their first matches of Preliminary Round of Female League Cup. If Manlleu and Benfica win away, CP Voltregà and HCP Plegamans win easily in their own rink. For the german team ERG Iserlohn, the first victory is arrived without playing, because Merignac show a lack of minimum requirements of playing (they reach Germany without a delegate member): 10-0 the results. Draw instead between Vordemwald and Noisy Le Grand 3-3. Saturday 1st december the 2nd Leg of Preliminary Round for conquering the Quartersfinal of this competition

An image of Voltregà-Manlleu, Final of Female League Cup 2017. Photo credit: Luis Velasco

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FEMALE LEAGUE CUP – Preliminary Round – 1st Leg – Saturday 10th November 2018 – (local time)

15.00 – SC Bison Calenberg (DE) x CP Manlleu (SP) = 1-6
18.00 – CP Voltregà (SP) x HCM Stuart (PT) = 8-3
19.30 – ERG Iserlohn (DE) x SA Merignac (FR) = 10-0, Victory by forfait
20.00 – RHC Vordemwald (CH) x CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) = 3-3
20.00 – HCP Plegamans (SP) x Nantes Metropole (FR) = 15-1
21.00 – US Coutras (FR) x SL Benfica (PT) = 1-4

Preliminary Round – 2nd Leg – Saturday 1st December 2018