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VIDEOS – 29/09/2019 – F4 CONTINENTAL CUP – Match #03 – Final

FULL MATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mkyit7bkPSI HIGHLIGHTS https://youtu.be/F74Ijwo740s VIDEOS DURING THE GAME https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/433350837286960/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/2427327507504952/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/1497944343679255/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/2199244663515206/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/521936221929867/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/760869861020832/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/393164434657232/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/494193534738167/ https://www.facebook.com/WSEuropeRinkHockey/videos/422054005108978/

VIDEOS – 28/09/2019 – F4 CONTINENTAL CUP – Match #01 – Lleida x Porto

FULL MATCH https://youtu.be/VBiUE7CuqeQ HIGHLIGHTS https://youtu.be/ERXh1PHgF6o PRESS CONFERENCES https://youtu.be/WEpFM7w7yms https://youtu.be/ZvlFGvIm2x0

VIDEOS – 28/09/2019 – F4 CONTINENTAL CUP – Match #02 – Sporting (PT) x Sarzana (IT)

FULL MATCH https://youtu.be/Rn07IFW-QFQ HIGHLIGHTS https://youtu.be/v8jtwUkifl8 PRESS CONFERENCE https://youtu.be/v66Xwc_kRDA

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