Communication after the three videoconferences with the european clubs


Today were held from the European Committee, in the Federação de Patinagem de Portugual headquarter on Lisbon, three videoconferences with all the clubs pre-registered and registered to the european club competitions. In these meetings, WSERH has presented officially and for first time to all the clubs. The portuguese president Agostinho Silva, the vice-presidents spanish Francesc Gil (organization) and italian Catia Ferretti (image and marketing), with three components of Referee Comittee, the portoguese Ricardo Oliveira, spanish Carlos Raposo and the german Thomas Ullrich and with french Lucas Gaucher (help with all the work) and italian Stefano Zamperin (press officer). 
About registrations, there are some administrative problems in various registrations and in the next hours will be issued a communication where some clubs must regularize their position. The schedule and format of the three competitions (as written in the communication n.7 and n.12) has been confirmed and will be adjusted if in some countries there will be a critical pandemic condition, through the communication of the clubs, scheduled every 15 and 8 days before the scheduled matches. Some games could be played without an audience to ensure the continuation of competitions, by imposing the sanitary entities of the countries. If the Covid-19 pandemic will affect any competition day or match, the Committee will coordinate the changes with the National Federations and affected clubs. Further informations about the final inscriptions will be communicated in the coming days.

Videoconference with Euroleague Clubs

Videconference with the WS Europe Cup Clubs

Videoconference with Female League Cup Clubs

The European Committee during the videoconference in the FPP’s headquarters