Crossings for the qualification for the majority of the teams in both the Eurocups

Tomorrow the second-last matchday of the Euroleague Regular Phase, where many teams could be reach the arithmetical qualification to the quarterfinals. Lodi in Group A, Porto and Noia in Group B, Barça and Benfica in Group C, Oliveirense and Deportivo Liceo in Group D. If in the Group C, Barça and Benfica will have two comfortable matches for their path to the next round against Sarzana and Herringen, in Group A the standing situation it’s not so easy for European Champion, Sporting. The portugueses need a victory in the italian rink of Lodi, usually known for their big crowd, but the italians needs at least a tie to hope to qualify. Reus needs points in the away game in Dinan Quevert, where everyone struggled to win. Porto and Noia, first and second in group B, want to continue to win for assuring to enter in the second phase, as Oliveirense and Deportivo, but the galician  team need a strong performance ahead of italian champion, Forte dei Marmi, again ready to return in the qualification in case of victory in Riazor. Oliveirense instead needs a similar performance in the tough rink of Saint Omer.

Quarterfinal round in WS Europe Cup where some teams could be assured already in the first leg a large pass to the final four, as the italian Trissino against the austrian champion of Dornbirn, one of the biggest surprise of this year after Wolfurt last year. Very interesting the catalan derby between Voltregà and Caldes, divided 12 points in Ok Lliga on behalf of Caldes. Two very mighty matches in Portugal. Barcelos, one of the favourite for the title, will host in the “Cathedral” the catalan Igualada, instead Braga will host the italian Follonica. The portuguese teams needs a victory for defending the results in the second leg in the middle of March, where will be definited the four semifinalist of this season.

All the clubs will upload all the entire matches of all the european competitions in our Youtube Channel .

Photo of Sonia Fusalli, David Torres (Deportivo Liceo) and Marti Casas (Forte dei Marmi)

EUROLEAGUE – 5th MATCHDAY – Saturday 15th February 2020

h 20:00 PT – h 21:00 CET – Match #036 – Dinan Quevert (FR)  x Reus Deportiu (SP) – Referees: Matteo Galoppi (IT) and Franco Ferrari (IT) – LIVE YOUTUBE
h 20:00 PT – h 21:00 CET – Match #037 – Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) x Sporting CP (PT) – Referees: Antonio Gomez (SP) and Daniel Pico Ramos (SP) – LIVE STREAMING WWW.CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV
STANDING: Amatori Lodi (IT) (+6) 9 points, Reus Deportiu (SP) (+4) 7 points, Sporting CP (PT) (+2) 7 points, Dinan-Quevert (FR) (-12) 0 points
Next round – 6th matchday – Saturday 14th March 2020 (time to be definited) – Reus Deportiu (SP) x Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) – Sporting CP (PT) x Dinan Quevert (FR) 

h 16:00 PT – h  17:00 CET – Match #038 – RC Biasca (CH) x CE Noia (SP) – Referees:  Carlo Iuorio (IT) and Ulderico Barbarisi (IT) – LIVE TV on RSI SWITZERLAND and  – LIVE STREAMING WWW.CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV
h 19:45 PT – h 20:45 CET – Match #039 – HRC Monza (IT) x FC Porto (PT) – Referees: Alberto Lopez (SP) and Josep Ribò (SP) – LIVE STREAMING WWW.CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV
STANDING: FC Porto (PT) (+20) 9 points, Ce Noia (SP) (+10) 7 points; HRC Monza (IT) (-4) 6 points, RC Biasca (CH) 0 points (-26)
Next round – 6th matchday – Saturday 14th March 2020 (time to be definited) – CE Noia (SP) x HRC Monza (IT) – FC Porto (PT) x RC Biasca (CH)

h 17:00 PT – h 18:00 CET – Match #040 – SKG Herringen (DE) x SL Benfica (PT) – Referees: Julien Thibaud (FR) and Stephane Rizzotti (FR) 
h 11:00 PT – h 12:00 CET – Match #041 – Barça (SP) x H Sarzana (IT) – Referees: Florindo Cardoso (PT) and Porfirio Fernandes (PT) – LIVE ON BARCATV AND LIVE STREAMING WWW.CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV
STANDING: Barça (SP) (+17) 10 points, SL Benfica (PT) (+17) 7 points, H. Sarzana (IT) (-11) 4 points, SKG Herringen (DE) (-23) 1 point
Next round – 6th matchday – Saturday 14th March 2020 (time to be definited) – SL Benfica (PT) x H Sarzana (IT) – Barça (SP) x SKG Herringen (DE)

h 19:30 PT – h 20:30 CET – Match #042 – SCRA Saint Omer (FR) x UD Oliveirense (PT) – Referees: Ruben Fernandez (SP) and Daniel Villar (SP) – LIVE YOUTUBE
h 19:00 PT – h 20:00 CET – Match #043 – Deportivo Liceo (SP) x H. Forte dei Marmi (IT) – Referees: Jose’ Pinto (PT) and Joaquim Pinto (PT) – LIVE ON TV GALICIA AND LIVE STREAMING WWW.CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV
STANDING: UD Oliveirense (PT) (+10) and Deportivo Liceo (SP) (+7) 9 points, H. Forte (IT) (-8) 4 points, SCRA Saint Omer (FR) (-9) 0 points
Next round – 6th matchday – Saturday 14th March 2020 (time to be definited) -.UD Oliveirense (PT) x Deportivo Liceo (SP) – H. Forte dei Marmi (IT) x SCRA Saint Omer (FR)

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERFINALS – 1st Leg – 15/2/2020 
h 19:15 PT – h 20:15 CET – Match #107 – CP Voltregà (SP) x CH Caldes (SP) – Referees: Joao Duarte (PT) and Ricardo Leao (PT)
h 21:30 PT – h 22:30 CET – Match #108 – OC Barcelos (PT) x Igualada HC (SP) – Referees: Luca Molli (IT) and Joseph Silecchia (IT) – LIVE YOUTUBE
h 21:00 PT – h 22:00 CET – Match #109 – HC Braga (PT) x Follonica H (IT) – Referees: Isaac Sanz (SP) and Sergi Mayor (SP)
h 19:45 PT – h 20:45 CET – Match #110 – GSH Trissino (IT) x RHC Dornbirn (AT) – Referees: Jose Gomez (SP) and Gerard Gorina (SP) –  LIVE STREAMING WWW.CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERFINALS – 2nd Leg – 14/3/2020 
Match #111 – CH Caldes (SP) x CP Voltregà (SP)
Match #112 – Igualada HC (SP) x OC Barcelos (PT)
Match #113 – Follonica H (IT) x HC Braga (PT)
Match #114 – RHC Dornbirn (AT) x GSH Trissino (IT)

WS EUROPE CUP – FINAL FOUR – 25th and 26th April 2020

Match #115 – Winner Match 107/111 x Winner Match 110/114
Match #116 – Winner Match 108/112 x Winner Match 109/113
Match #117 – Winner Match 115 x Winner Match 116

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