Definited the formulas of the three European Cups

The next weekend the entire structure of World Skate Europe Rink Hockey will join the first meeting after the new assignment in May, after several meeting on Google Meet during the last weeks, during the lockdowns of the european countries. The first meeting will be host in Lisbon from Friday to Sunday. After the closing of the registration process of European cups of Friday 31st July will be organized three videoconferences with the clubs inscribed. This will be the moment to know and talk with the clubs and talks about the problems of next months, especially of the health issues across the continent and in the individual nations and whether or not the permission of the crowd during the games.

The European Commitee has also officially declared the three formulas of the competitions. Euroleague and WS Europe Cup will have the same formula of the last years, instead the Female League Cup will play a preliminary phase and then two groups played in two different weekends, where will be defined the four teams of the final four.(the first two of every group)

❖ Regular Phase : 16 teams – Groups : 4 groups of 4 teams (6 matchdays)
❖ Phase Two : 8 teams – Type : Quarterfinal (1st and 2nd Leg)
❖ Phase Three : 4 teams – Type : Final 4 (Semifinal + Final)

❖ Preliminary Phase: 32 teams – Type: 1/16 Final (1st and 2nd Leg)
❖ Phase One: 16 teams – Type : 1/8 Final (1st and 2nd Leg)
❖ Phase Two : 8 teams –  Type : Quarterfinals (1st and 2nd Leg)
❖ Phase Three : 4 teams – Type : Final 4 (Semifinal + Final)

❖ Preliminary Phase :16 teams  (1st and 2nd Leg)
❖ Phase One: 8 teams –  Type : 2 groups played from FRIDAY to SUNDAY
❖ Phase Two : 4 teams – Type : Final 4 (Semifinal + Final)

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION n.12 – Read the full communication – Portuguese version

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