Definited the four quartersfinals of Euroleague. Lleida, Voltregà and Sarzana are in Final Four of WSECup

Four portuguese teams, two spanish, two italian: definited the best 8 teams of the season. There will be two spanish teams and two italians in the Final Four of WS Europe Cup

Barcelona, Sporting, Porto and Benfica won their respective groups with a final victory in the last matchday of Regular Season of Euroleague. Oliveirense conquered the qualification for one goal, thanks to 6-5 against italian Follonica. Lodi won 7-1 against Saint Omer and reached the 2nd place, thanks to the victory of Porto (6-3 against Reus. The other italian Monza has been defeated from Noia for 7-2. 

The quartersfinals will begin 26th March 2019 (1st Leg) and will end 6th April 2019 (2nd Leg). Two derbies in the four fight for the access in the Final Four: Noia vs Barcelona and Oliveirense-Benfica. Italy-Portugal in the others two matches: Lodi-Sporting and Forte-Porto, the first and the second of each championship, Serie A1 and 1a Divisao. 

Anothers 2 derbies will be featured of the Final Four of WS Europe Cup, one catalans (Lleida-Voltrega) and one italian (Sarzana-winner Valdagno-Viareggio). The surprise of the 2nd leg of quartersfinals was made from the italian Sarzana: defeated in the regular time for 3-2 from Igualada, they scored the decisive goal in direct shot with the argentinian Rampulla in extratime. They reach the second semifinal of their short history. Instead Lleida and Voltregà confirmed their superiority in the 2nd Leg: 8-3 and 7-3 the results against Nantes and Wolfurt. They have reached for the second time in a row the semifinal of the second european competition. Valdagno-Viareggio will be the last competition before the definition of the Final Four: the host city will be decided at the end of the month.

Cesar Carballeira (Reus) and Reinaldo Garcia (Porto) – Photo Credit: Afonso Ferraz

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EUROLEAGUE – 6th MATCHDAY – Saturday 9th March 2019
h 15.00 PT – h 16.00 CET – FC Barcelona (SP) x Dinan Quevert (FR) = 7-2
h 17.30 PT – h 18.30 CET – UD Oliveirense (PT) x H. Follonica (IT) = 6-5
STANDING: Barça Lassa (SP) 15 points (qualified to QFS), Oliveirense (PT) 9 points (qualified to QFS), Follonica (IT) 9 points and Dinan Quevert (FR) 3 points


h 15.00 PT – h 16.00 CET – Sporting CP (PT) x SK Germania Herringen (DE) = 10-2
h 18.00 PT – h 19.00 CET – HC Liceo (SP) x H. Forte (IT) = 6-3
STANDING: Sporting CP (PT) 16 points (qualified to QFS), Forte dei Marmi (IT) 10 points (qualified to QFS), HC Liceo (SP) 9 points, SK Germania Herringen (DE) 0 


h 20.00 PT – h 21.00 CET – FC Porto (PT) x Reus Deportiu (SP) = 6-3
h 20.00 PT – h 21.00 CET – Wasken Lodi (IT) x SCRA Saint Omer (FR) = 7-1
STANDING: FC Porto (PT) 14 points (qualified to QFS), Amatori Lodi (IT) 10 points (qualified to QFS), Reus Deportiu (SP) 9 points, Amatori Lodi (IT) 7 points, SCRA Saint Omer (FR) 1 point


h 19.00 PT – h 20.00 CET – CE Noia (SP) x HRC Monza (IT) = 7-2
h 19.30 PT – h 20.30 CET – SL Benfica (PT) x HC Montreux (CH) = 10-2
STANDING: SL Benfica (PT) 16 points (qualified to QFS), CE Noia (SP) 10 points, HRC Monza (IT) 9 points, HC Montreux (CH) 0


EUROLEAGUE – QUARTERSFINAL – 1st Leg – Saturday 23rd March 2019 (TBD)
CE Noia (SP) x FC Barcelona (SP)
UD Oliveirense (PT) x SL Benfica (PT)
H. Forte dei Marmi (IT) x FC Porto (PT)
Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) x Sporting CP (PT)

EUROLEAGUE – QUARTERSFINAL – 2nd Leg – Saturday 6th April 2019 (TBD)
FC Barcelona (SP) x CE Noia (SP)
SL Benfica (PT) x UD Oliveirense (PT)
FC Porto (PT) x H. Forte dei Marmi (IT)
Sporting CP (PT) x Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT)

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERSFINAL – 1st Leg – Saturday 16th February 2019 
h 20.30 – Nantes ARH (FR) x CE Lleida Llista (SP) = 3-5
h 21.00 – H. Sarzana (IT) x Igualada HC (SP) = 5-4
h 18.00 – RHC Wolfurt (AT) x CP Voltregà (SP) = 1-8
h 21.00 – CGC Viareggio (IT) x H. Valdagno 1938 (IT) = 5-5

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERSFINAL – 2nd Leg – Saturday 9th March 2019
Match #103/107 – h. 20.00 – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x Nantes ARH (FR) = 8-3 – 1st Leg: 5-3 – 2nd Leg: 8-3 – Total goals: 13-6 – CE LLeida Llista qualified to Final Four
Match #104/108 – h. 20.00 – Igualada HC (SP) x H. Sarzana (IT) = 3-3 – 1st Leg: 4-5 – 2nd Leg: 3-2 – Overtimes: 0-1 – Total goals: 7-8 – H. Sarzana qualified to Final Four
Match #105/109 – h. 20.00 – CP Voltregà (SP) x RHC Wolfurt (AT) = 7-3 – 1st Leg: 8-1 – 2nd Leg: 7-3 – Total goals: 15-4 – CP Voltregà qualified to Final Four
Match #106/110 – 16/3/19 h 20.45 –  H. Valdagno 1938 (IT) x CGC Viareggio (IT) – Referees: Alberto Lopez (SP), Ivan Gonzalez (SP)

WS EUROPE CUP – FINAL FOUR – Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2019 (PTBD end of march) 
Semifinal #1 – H. Sarzana (IT) x Winner Match 106/110
Semifinal #2 – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x CP Voltregà (SP)

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