Portugal catches Spain in the first position of Euro Female Senior


Portugal catches Spain in the first position of the 14th European Championship Female Senior in Mealhada. Spain has the rest day but Portugal returns in the first position after the victory against France (8-2) thanks to three goals of the portuguese Marlene Sousa (best scorer of the tournament). France is now in the third position after the victory against Germany (8-0). In fourth Italy: they catch the draw at the last second of the game against Germany (3-3). Switzerland wins the first game against England (8-1). 

In next hours, at 9.30h (10.30 CET) and at 21.00 (22.00 CET), we will have two Live matches in MediaSport Channel (814 Sky Italy, Free to Air Satellite Hotbird 13E): England-Italy and the last one Portugal-Italy. Germany-Switzerland will play at 17.00 (18.00 CET) and then Spain will return in the rink against England at 19.00 (20.00 CET)

Credit photo: Antonio Lopes

GERMANY – FRANCE = 0-8 (0-4, 0-4)
Germany: Klein, Wichardt, Larocca, Henckels, Neubert K. – Neubert F., Hartje, Kahmann, Brandt, Behrens – Coach Puigvert
France: Michoud-Godard, Laboyrie (1), Lafourcade (1), Gohet (1), Malard (3) – Daribo (2), Paredes, Corbin, Buchoux – Coach Herin
Referees: Duarte (PT), Cardoso (PT)

In the morning France bet Germany thanks to an amazing first half when they scored 4 goals 2 with Daribo (returned from the injury of yesterday), 1 with Laboyrie and Malard. The german teams had many chance to reduce the gap but they fails also 2 penalty shots and 1 direct shot. In the second half France grew up their score with other goals, scored by Malard (3), Gohet and Lafourcade. A great victory for France for fighting for the podium of EuroFemale.

SWITZERLAND – ENGLAND = 8-1 (4-0, 4-1)
Switzerland: Moser, Schuler (2), Moor, Pluss (3), Senn D. (2) – Senn T., Ellenberger, Scheer, Wachs (1), Marfurt – Coach Schneider
England: King, Ford, McCarthy, Todd, Kneeshaw (1) – Finch, Todd, Middleton, Courtenay, Parfitt – Coach Amaral
Referees: Loewe (DE), Carmazzi (IT)

Switzerland reached the first victory with a solid performance against England. From the firsts minutes the suisse team has created mostly the best attacks in their tournament. England failed the draw after the first goal of Schuler, with a missed direct shot. After that England reduced its pressure and Switzerland grew up their scores with the goal of Pluss and Senn (2). In the second half England suffered another four goals: for Switzerland scored Pluss (2), Schuler and Senn Tanja. Unique goal for England scored by Kneeshaw. In this morning England will have two difficult matches, against Italy and Spain, instead Switzerland will play against Germany.

ITALY – GERMANY = 3-3 (1-1, 2-2)
Italy: Caretta, Ghirardello (1), LaPolla, Galeassi, Tamiozzo (1) – Sartori, Maniero (1), Lamacchia, Toffanin, Zarantonello – Coach Giudice
Germany: Klein, Wichardt (2), Larocca, Hartje, Brandt – F. Neubert, K. Neubert (1), Kahmann, Behrens – Coach Puigvert
Referees: Thibaud (FR), Sosa (ENG)

First draw of the EuroFemale Senior: Italy and Germany has drawn an amazing match. Always in advantage in the score, Germany scored the first goal after 20 minutes with Wichardt in penalty shot. Italy has failed 2 penalty shot with Tamiozzo (pole) and Ghirardello (saves). In the second half, a great goal of Wichardt in a fast personal action score the 2-0. Italian team reduced the gap at minute 4 with Ghirardello, and after a change of rythm, returned to the initial draw (2-2), thanks to a tapin shot of Maniero. Larocca failed a decisive direct shot but her teammate Katharina Neubert centered the 3-2 in a short conclusion. The “azzurre” tried so many time to return in the draw and they reached the goal at 1 second to the end, thanks to a tapin shot of Tamiozzo (3-3). One point for each team. In next hours Italy will have double matches against England and Portugal, instead Germany will play against Switzerland.

FRANCE – PORTUGAL = 2-8 (0-5, 2-3)
France: Michoud-Godard, Daribo (1), Laboyrie (1), Malard, Lafourcade – Corbin, Gohet, Paredes, Buchuox – Coach Herin
Portugal: Vieira M, Ferreira (1), Vieira I (1), Sousa (3), Silva (1) – Balonas, Florencio (1), Moncovio (1), Figueiredo, Jorge – Coach Pires
Referees: Villar (SP), Veiga (SP)

An amazing first half of Portugal decided this important match. A great pressure and intensity of the home team has decided the game from the firsts minutes. But France scored the first goal with Laboyrie, then the draw of Silva. After 15 minutes of high level, Portugal scores three goals in a row with Sousa, Moncovio and Vieira. In the second half Portugal grew their score with two goals of Ferreira and Sousa thanks to a precise and efficient offensive zone. Florencio and again Sousa scored the 7th and 8th goals, until the last goal of Daribo. Portugal reached the first position occupied from Spain: 9 points in 3 matches and in late evening will play against Italy. France will have a rest day.

Spain 9 points (3 played +23 goal average), Portugal 9 points (3 played +20), France 6 points (4 played +3), Italy 4 points (3 played -3), Switzerland 3 points (3 played -8), Germany 1 point (3 played -11), Englan 0 points (3 played -24)

Marlene Sousa (Portugal) 9 goals, Tatiana Malard (France) 7 goals, Emilie Laboyrie (France) 6 goals.
All the complete standing in http://bit.ly/eurofscorers