Portugal qualified to the final after the victory against Italy (3-2)


On the third matchday of European Championship, Spain settled England 13-0 with the young Roces’ poker and hat-tricks for Florenza and Castellvi. A victory that allows the spanish team to get one step away from the final but will still have two games to get there, the first tomorrow in the highly interesting Iberian derby against Portugal (beginning at 20:00 local, 21:00 CET), the second Friday against France. In the other challenge, Portugal secured the final by beating Italy 3-2 in a match really full of emotions, where Italy tried to stem the fast manoeuvre of the opponents succeeding in part. After Ghirardello’s 0-1 draw in the first half, the portugueses managed to overtake Italy with Ferreira and the young Santos. Italy equalized again on Lapolla’s shot but the decisive goal was by Moncovio who did not fail to make it 3-2. In the last final seconds, Italy failed to draw by slamming a penalty shot by Lapolla on the post.

Tomorrow two matches with the intense fight between Portugal and Spain at 20:00 GMT, 21:00 CET. Decisive to reach the bronze medal match France-England. All the matches will be broadcasted live through europe.worldskate.tv and for Portugal tv.fpp.pt, for Spain feptv.es and for Italy hockeypista.fisrtv.it

A picture from Portugal-Italy, Maria Sofia Silva (Portugal) and Giulia Galeassi (Italy)

Today Matches – Wednesday 13th October 2021
SPAIN – ENGLAND = 13-0 (5-0, 8-0)
Spain: Ferrer, Puigdueta (C), Florenza, Busquets, Piquero – Borras, Colomer, Roces, Castellvi – Coach: Munoz
England: Ford, Courtenay-Barrow, Messenger, McCarthy (C), Todd – Middleton, Key, Farragher, Cunninghan, King – Coach: Amaral
Scorers: 1p: 2’18” Colomer (S), 14’14” Castellvi (S), 14’27” Roces (S), 14’35” Roces (S), 20’18” Castellvi (pen.shot) (S) – 2p: 4’30” Florenza (S), 6’40” Florenza (dir.shot) (S), 7’54” Florenza (S), 9’24” Busquets (S), 13’36” Roces (S), 14’22” Borras (S), 16’35” Roces (S), 21’25” Castellvi (S)
Penalties: 1p: 12’39” Messenger (2′) (E) – 2p: 6’37” McCarthy (2′) (E)
Referees: Correia (Portugal) and Rizzotti (France)

PORTUGAL – ITALY = 3-2 (0-1, 2-2)
Portugal: Vieira, Moncovio, Sousa (C), Ferreira, Silva – Batista, Teixeira, Figuereido, Santos – Coach: Antunes
Italy: Caretta, Galeassi (C), Lapolla, Ghirardello, Tamiozzo – Maniero, Sartori, Lorenzato, Santochirico, Parlato – Coach: Giudice
Scorers: 1p: 1’11” Ghirardello (I) – 2p: 2’56” Ferreira (pen.shot) (P), 4’37” Santos (P), 17’53” Lapolla (I), 19’00” Moncovio (P)
Penalties: 1p: 23’37” Lapolla (2′) (I) and Silva (2′) (P) – 2p: 3’08” Tamiozzo (2′) (I), 13’16” Tamiozzo (2′) (I), 20’31” Lapolla (2′) (I)

The two “Azemad MVP” trophies for best goalkeeper and best players will be awarded at the end of the tournaments. The accredited press will determine the two winners.

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Schedule – Pavilhao Municipal de Luso
Monday 11th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
1st matchday
h 17:30 – France x Italy = 0-3
h 20:30 – Portugal x England = 11-0

Tuesday 12th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
2nd matchday

h 17:30 – Spain x Italy = 6-0
h 20:00 – France x Portugal = 1-9

Wednesday 13th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
3rd matchday

h 17:30 – Spain x England = 13-0
h 20:00 – Portugal x Italy = 3-2
Standing: Portugal 9 points (+20), Spain* 6 points (+19), Italy 3 points (-4), France* 0 (-11), England* 0 (-24)
* = one match less

Thursday 14th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
4th matchday

h 17:30 – France x England
h 20:00 – Portugal x Spain

Friday 15th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
5th matchday

h 17:30 – Spain x France
h 20:00 – Italy x England

Saturday 16th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
Final day

h 17:30 – Final 3rd-4th place
h 20:00 – Final 1st-2nd place

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SPAIN: 6 – last: 2018
PORTUGAL: 3 – last: 2001
ITALY: 2 – last: 1993
GERMANY: 2 – last: 2007
FRANCE: 1 – last: 2005