The assignation of the title of Female European Championship is suspended


World Skate Europe Rink Hockey announces officially that the assignation of the title of Female European Championship is suspended. Further Information will be communicated tomorrow.

Some dramatic final minutes has happened in the last game of the Female Europe Championship in Mealhada. A tremendous thunderstorm has affected all the Mealhada’s zone with some high gusts wind that shocking the 1500 spetactors in the Pavilhao of Mealhada. Two times the referees tried to re-play the match but two blackouts has stopped the game. After the second blackout at 1.45 minute to the end (the first at 2.41) the teams returned to the restroom after a terryfing metallic sounds of some parts of the roof. Some pieces of the roof felt down and the match was suspended for safety reason. The police inside the stadium has moved all the people and in the center of the pavilhao, far from the windows. A really terryfing hour shocked all the people in the pavilhao and then the match was officially suspended after the decision of the Police to leave as soon as possible the stadium due to safety reason, when the thunderstorm has calmed down. All the city and all around had a huge blackout, and also the way to the hotel in Luso, where the teams lived all the week, suffered some stops caused by the fall of the trees and street lamp. World Skate Europe RInk Hockey has decided to suspend the assignation of the title. Further information  wil lbe sent tomorrow for explain the future situation of this assignation. 

We apologize for the late communciation but we had and we have some problem of communication due to local blackout that affected all the zone in Portugal.


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