Euroleague Final Four 2020-21: Media accreditation process


Journalists, photographers and video operators intending to be accredited for the Euroleague Final Four (Pavilhão De Luso 15 and 16th of May) must fill this registration form
All accreditation requests will be confirmed or denied by email at the end of the accreditation process (Wednesday, May 12 at midnight)
Without accreditation, access to the facilities reserved for accredited press will not be allowed (press zone, mix zone, press room,…). The numbers of accreditations are limited and they will follow the time of inscription. At the bottom of this communication is released the official press kit of the Final Four


All the press accreditation must follow the official rules indicated in the Covid-19 guideline of the “Yellow Bubble” (Communication n.31 – Document n.1 – Point 3 DOWNLOAD)

For all WSE-RH competitions, it is MANDATORY to undergo a PCR Test
The screening action will allow to identify any positivity, remove the subjects from their respective bubbles as soon as possible, also proceeding with the tracking.
It’s compulsory when you will pick up the pass in the Accreditation press entrance, to show the certificate of negativity of a Covid-19 PCR Test (at least 72 hours before) (this is not covered by the local organization). The certification must be sent until Saturday at 15.00 (local time) to and must be shown at the first entry in the Pavilhao.

If you need another PCR Test to leave the venue for flying to other countries, we will help you to find a facility to do it. Please refer to 
– During all the time spent in the Pavillion the face masks will be mandatory.
– During the interviews in the mix-zone, it’s mandatory to have a social distancing of a minimum of 2 meters with the players or trainers.
– During press conferences, it’s mandatory to use face masks. Any other interviews will be allowed,  agreed with the team press offices, with a minimum of 2 meters of social distancing.
– All the photographers and tv staff must use face masks during all the time spent in the Pavillion and have a minimum of 2 meters of social distancing
– Other guidelines are inserted in point 7 of relative Guidelines.


You can download the press kit of the Final Four. You can find all the information, the rosters and some of European rink hockey history.

Press Kit Final Four – DOWNLOAD PDF