Sarzana, Trissino and Valongo, first victories in Euroleague.


First interesting day of the new season of European Cups of Rink Hockey. In the Euroleague in Group A, an eventful 4-4 draw between Lodi (2 goals by Mendez, 1 for Barbieri and Greco) and Tomar (1 for Moreira, Caio, Silva and Almeida), proving that it was the most balanced match of the evening. Instead, Trissino conquered the rink of the French de La Vendenne for 5-2 (2 goals by Cocco, 1 for Faccin Malagoli and Pinto, for the French Gefflot and Cuencas) and is first position in the group. In group B, Valongo and Sarzana are in the lead with a full score. Valongo won 5-1 in Diessbach: 2 goals by Abreu, 1 for Vieirinha, Navarro and Barata, while for the Swiss 1 for Kissling. The Italian Sarzana win 3 minutes from the end for 5-4 in Coutras with the hat-trick of Najera (goals also for Joan and Pol Galbas, while for the French 2 for Solera, 1 for Sero and Povedano). All the video of the matches of Euroleague will be available soon on our WEBTV or in our Youtube Channel.

In the Ws Europe Cup there was no lack of emotions. It is a show draw between Sanjoanense and Voltregà for Group C (4-4, 3 for Pereira del Sanjoanense, 2 for Canal of the Catalans). Valdagno wins by measure in Igualada in group B for 3-2, two goals for Motaran, while the French of Poire fold the holders of the Lleida title for 5-4 thanks to the three goals of the Chilean Marquez (group A). Quevert won 6-1 against Geneve in Group D, thanks to the doubles of the Argentines Montivero and Julian Martinez
We return to the track on 11 December 2021 with the second days of the six European groups, after the break both nationally and internationally for the 2021 European Championship in Paredes (Portugal) from 14 to 20 November 2021

A photos of Lodi-Tomar (Photo Credit Alberto Vanelli)

Euroleague – 1st matchday – Saturday 23rd October 2021
h 20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – HC La Vendeenne (FR) x GSH Trissino (IT) = 2-5
h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) x SC Tomar (PT) = 4-4
Standing: GSH Trissino (IT) 3 points (+3), Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) (0) and SC Tomar (PT) 1 point (0), HC La Vendenne (FR) 0 point
2nd matchday – 11/12/2021 – Trissino (IT) x A.Lodi (IT) | SC Tomar (PT) x HC La Vendeenne (FR)

h 17:30 (CET) – 16:30 (GMT) – RHC Diessbach (CH) x AD Valongo (PT) = 1-5
h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – US Coutras RH (FR) x Gamma Innovation Sarzana (IT) = 4-5
Standing: Valongo (PT) 3 points (+4), Gamma Innovation Sarzana (IT) 3 points (+1), US Coutras RH (FR) 0 p (-1), RHC Diessbach (CH) 0 p (-4)
2nd matchday – 11/12/2021 – Valongo (PT) x Coutras (FR) – Gamma Innovation Sarzana (IT) x Diessbach (CH)

WS Europe Cup – 1st matchday – Saturday 23rd October 2021
h 20:30 (CET) – 19.30 (GMT) – Poire Roller (FR) x CE Lleida Llista (SP) = 5-4
Standing: Poire Roller (FR) 3 points (+1), CE Lleida Llista (SP) 0 p (-1) and CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) 0 p (zero played)
2nd matchday – 11/12/2021 – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x CS Noisy Le Grand (FR)
h 20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Igualada HC (SP) x HC Valdagno (IT) = 2-3
Standing: HC Valdagno (IT) 3 points (+1), Igualada HC (SP) 0 p (-1) and Juventude Viana (PT) 0 p (zero played)
2nd matchday – 11/12/2021 – HC Valdagno (IT) x Juventude Viana (PT)
h 17:30 (GMT) – 18:30 (CET) – AD Sanjoanense (PT) x CP Voltregà (SP) = 4-4
Standing: AD Sanjoanense (PT) 1 point (0) and CP Voltregà (SP) 1 point (0), CP Calafell (SP) 0 p (zero played)
2nd matchday – 11/12/2021 – CP Voltregà (SP) x CP Calafell (SP)
h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – HC Dinan Quevert (FR) x Geneve RHC (CH) = 6-1
Standing: HC Dinan Quevert (FR) 3 points (+5), Geneve RHC (CH) 0 p (-5) and Follonica H. (IT) 0 p (zero played)
2nd matchday – 11/12/2021 – Follonica H. (IT) x Geneve RHC (CH)