Female League Cup returns in the rinks; WSECup recovers the matchday postponed a month ago

The highly anticipated Female League Cup is finally at the starting blocks after waiting for almost a month. 10 teams for the dream of participating in the Final Four 2022, where only the first two classified of each group will participate, after a one-way round. It will be the first day already very important where the most important match will be Telecable Gijón-Benfica, two of the most important clubs in the women’s section. For Group A there will also be the vice european champion Voltregà against the French Noisy Le Grand. For Group B, the European champions Generali Palau Plegamans host the Italian Roller Matera, a return of an Italian team after a long absence. The other catalan Fenie Energie Cerdanyola will be on the field against the Portuguese Sanjoanense. 
Saturday will also play the recovery of the third day of the WS Europe Cup. In Group C Calafell faces the portuguese Sanjoanense to regain the first place on Voltregà, while in Group D the debut of Follonica at the home of Quevert, first in the standings. In Group B Viana-Igualada to collect the first points behind the unbeaten Valdagno; Group A,the derby French between Noisy and Poire for the fight for second place behind Lleida.

All matches could be followed online with Live Official Match Report on www.wseurope-rinkhockey.org/femaleleaguecup and www.wseurope-rinkhockey.org/wseuropecup

A photos of Antonio Lopes during the Quarterfinal 2021, Voltregà-Benfica



Female League Cup – 1st matchday – Saturday 5th February 2022
h 19:00 (CET) – 18:00 (GMT) – Telecable H.C. Gijon (SP) x S.L. Benfica (PT)
Referees: Miguel Diaz (SP) and Jonatan Sanchez (SP)
LIVE WSETV europe.worldskate.tv

h 17:30 (CET) – 18:30 (GMT) – C.P. Voltregà (SP) x C.S. Noisy Le Grand (FR)
Referees: Xavier Buixeda (SP) and Oriol Perez (SP)
LIVE WSETV europe.worldskate.tv

2nd matchday – 19/02/2022 – U.S. Coutras (FR) x Telecable H.C. Gijon (SP) – S.L. Benfica (PT) x C.P. Voltregà (SP)

h 20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Fenie Energie Cerdanyola C.H. (SP) x A.D. Sanjoanense (PT)
Referees: Tania Pardo (SP) and Gerard Gorina (SP)

h 20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (SP) x Decom Roller Matera (IT)
Referees: Josep Ribò (SP) and Raul Burgos (SP)

2nd matchday – 19/02/2022 – C.P. Manlleu (SP) x Cerdanyola C.H. (SP) – A.D. Sanjoanense (PT) x Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (SP)

WS Europe Cup – 3rd matchday – Saturday 5th February 2022
h 20:30 (CET) – 19.30 (GMT) – C.S. Noisy Le Grand (FR) x Poire Roller (FR) 
Referees: Julien Thibaud (FR) and Loic Le Menn (FR)
LIVE WSETV europe.worldskate.tv

Standing: Finques Prats C.E. Lleida (SP) 6 p (+11)**, Poire Roller (FR) 3 points (-6)*, CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) 0 p (-5)  * = 1 more match played
5th matchday – 12/02/2022 – C.S. Noisy Le Grand (FR) x Finque Prats C.E. Lleida

h 18:00 (GMT) – 17:00 (CET) – Juventude de Viana (PT) x Igualada H.C. (SP)
Referees: Pedro Silva (PT) and Joaquim Pinto (PT)

Standing: HC Valdagno (IT) 9 points (+7)**, Igualada HC (SP) 0 p (-3)* and Juventude Viana (PT) 0 p (-4) – * = 1 more match played
5th matchday – 12/02/2022 – Juventude de Viana (PT) x H.C. Valdagno (IT)

h 19:30 (CET) – 18:30 (GMT) – C.P. Calafell (SP) x A.D. Sanjoanense (PT)
Referees: Sergi Mayor (SP) and Alvaro De La Hera (SP)
LIVE WSETV europe.worldskate.tv

Standing: CP Voltregà (SP) 4 point (+6)**, CP Calafell (SP) 3p (+1), AD Sanjoanense (PT) 1 point (-7)* 
* = 1 more match played
5th matchday – 12/02/2022 – C.P.Calafell (SP) x C.P. Voltregà (SP)

h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – H.C. Dinan Quevert (FR) x Follonica H.1952 (IT)
Referees: Nuno Melo (FR) and Arnaud Esoli (FR)
LIVE WSETV europe.worldskate.tv

Standing: HC Dinan Quevert (FR) 6 points (+6), Geneve RHC (CH) 0 p (-6) and Follonica H. (IT) 0 p (zero played)
5th matchday – 12/02/2022 – Geneve R.H.C. (FR) x Follonica H.1952 (IT)

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