14 teams registered to the Female League Cup


Female League Cup – 14 teams
Atlantique Vendee (FR), SL Benfica (PT), Cerdanyola CH (SP), CA Clube de Ourique (PT), Coutras (FR), Telecable Gijon HC (SP), CP Manlleu (SP), SA Merignac (FR), CS Noisy Le Grand (FR), HCM Stuart Massama (PT), Generali Palau (SP), IGR Remscheid (GER), CP Voltregà (SP), RESG Walsum (GER)

The maximum female competition returns to the old formula and returns to have 14 teams, 6 more than the last year. Spain will have 5 teams, including the invitedTelecable Gijon (Manlleu, Generali Palau, Voltregà and the new Cerdanyola). France confirmed its great value for women’s rink hockey with 4 teams registered: Coutras, Merignac, Noisy Le Grand and the new Atlantique Vendee, a new club from Nantes. Three the portugueses, Benfica, the returning of Stuart Massama and the new Caco. Germany returns to the competition with Remscheid and Walsum.

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