Official schedule of EuroFemale in Luso (Portugal)


The 15th edition of Female Senior European Championship will take place, as already communicated, in the council city of Mealhada, in the Pavilhao Municipal Luso, already theatre of the last Euroleague finals. 5 teams will compete to win the competitions: England, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The first matchday is set for Monday 11th October 2021, where the first game will be France-Italy at 17:30 (local time) and the official ceremony will be scheduled for 19:30 hour. The titleholder of the last 5 European championships will not play on the first day, instead, Portugal will fight against England at the end of the first day. The formula will be a single qualifying phase of 5 days all-against-all  and in the sixth day will be the final day with the crossroad by the ranking (1st against 2nd, 3rd against 4th)
On Sunday 10th October the first official training sessions for adaption of the rink. Eight the referees called for this European Championship, already postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic Covid-19 situation. For Portugal Pedro Silva, Carlos Correia, Ricardo Leao. For Spain, Raul Burgos. For Italy Ulderico Barbarisi and Joseph Silecchia and for France Julien Thibaud and Stephane Rizzotti. 

All the matches will be covered from the Official World Skate Europe TV  with the voice of Josè Santos. All Portugal’ matches will be broadcasted also to the FPP TV and Spain’ matches from the FEP TV All the matches of Italy will be broadcasted live from the tv channel MS Channel on the Satellite (FTA Hotbird) and MS Sport and at the same time on FISRTV
As always, special content will be sent to the social networks from our website and also from our social networks, Facebook Twitter and Instagram. The local organization of FPP also will inform their social networks through the account @EHEuro2021 on all the social platforms.

For the matches to be played in this event, are designated the following European International Referees.

PORTUGAL: Pedro Silva, Carlos Correia, Ricardo Leao
SPAIN: Raul Burgos

ITALY: Ulderico Barbarisi, Joseph Silecchia
FRANCE: Julien Thibaud, Stephane Rizzotti


The two “Azemad MVP” trophies for best goalkeeper and best players will be awarded at the end of the tournaments. The accredited press will determine the two winners.


Schedule – Pavilhao Municipal de Luso
Monday 11th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
1st matchday
h 17:30 – France x Italy
h 19:30 – Opening Ceremony
h 20:30 – Portugal x England

Tuesday 12th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
2nd matchday

h 17:30 – Spain x Italy
h 20:00 – France x Portugal

Wednesday 13th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
3rd matchday

h 17:30 – Spain x England
h 20:00 – Portugal x Italy

Thursday 14th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
4th matchday

h 17:30 – France x England
h 20:00 – Portugal x Spain

Friday 15th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
5th matchday

h 17:30 – Spain x France
h 20:00 – Italy x England

Saturday 16th October 2021 (local time: Greenwich time, +1 Central Europe Time)
Final day

h 17:30 – Final 3rd-4th place
h 20:00 – Final 1st-2nd place

1991    ITALY
1993    ITALY
1995    SPAIN
1997    PORTUGAL
1999    PORTUGAL
2001    PORTUGAL
2003    GERMANY
2005    FRANCE
2007    GERMANY
2009    SPAIN
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2013    SPAIN
2015    SPAIN
2018    SPAIN

SPAIN: 6 – last: 2018
PORTUGAL: 3 – last: 2001
ITALY: 2 – last: 1993
GERMANY: 2 – last: 2007
FRANCE: 1 – last: 2005