Gijon-Palau the final of the 15th Female League Cup

In front of over 2000 people, the Telecable Gijon wins its final number eight with a great result against Cerdanyola Fenie Energia. A 4-0 built minute by minute with four different players. First Piquero, then the doubling of captain Sara Lolo. In the second half the young Roces and the fourth goal of Carrera. A success that launches the hosts to the final where it will really attract many people. Nothing could Cerdanyola during the arc of the match precisely because of the strength of the Asturians.
In the first semi-final Generali Palau Plegamans had beaten only at the end an excellent Benfica, always remained in the game until 2-2. Initial advantage with a great goal by Marlene Sousa, then the draw of Puigdueta. The catalans were ahead with Colomer but the young Raquel Santos equalized the result in the middle of the second half. In the intense final, Berta Busquets scores the winning goal for the second consecutive final.
At 18:00 tomorrow the final between Telecable Gijon and Generali Palau de Plegamans live on TELEVISION on RTP Asturias and streaming on and

Official Press Kit (updated 28/04/2022)

Gemma Sole (Cerdanyola) and Sara Roces and Sara Lolo (Gijon)

Palacios de los deportes de la Guia “Adolfo Suarez” 

Official Photos (mandatory credit Antonio Lopes):
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FEMALE LEAGUE CUP – FINAL FOUR – 30th April and 1st May 2022 – Gijon (Spain)
Press Conference of the four coaches – 29th April 2022 – from h 18:30 (CEST) – Live Streaming World Skate Europe TV

Semifinal #2 – 30th April 2022 – h 16:30 (CEST) – h 15:30 (GMT+1) – Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (SP) x S.L. Benfica (PT) = 3-2
Generali: Vicente L, Colomer, Florenza, Puigdueta, Busquets (C) – Juan, Fontdegloria, Vicente G, Blackman, Salvat – Coach: Sanz
Benfica: Vieira, Sousa (C), Flores, Figueiredo, Santos R – Sofia Silva, Ramos, Severino, Contreiras, Benfeitas – Coach: Almeida
Scorers: 1st: 11’10” Sousa (B), 19’39” Puigdueta (P) – 2nd: 10’13” Colomer (P), 11’10” Santos R (B), 18’31” Busquets (P)
Referees: Joseph Silecchia (Italy) and Simone Brambilla (Italy)

Semifinal #1 – 30th April 2022 – h 19:30 (CEST) – h 18.30 (GMT+1) – Telecable Gijon H.C. (SP) x Fenie Energia Cerdanyola C.H. (SP) = 4-0
Telecable: Hidalgo, Obeso, Piquero, Lolo S, Roces – Lee, Carrera, Gonzalez R, Mejodo – Coach: Sierra
Fenie Energia: Suros, Xicota, Figuerola, Gutierrez, Sole – Pera (C), Silva D, Batttle A, Castro, Battle C – Coach: Colaianni
Scorers: 1st: 15’24” Piquero (G)- 2nd: 0’16” Sara Lolo (G), 12’00” Roces (G), 16’11” Carrera (G)
Referees: Silvia Coelho (Portugal) and Francesco Stallone (Italy)

FINAL – 1st May 2022 – h 18:00 (CEST) – h 17:00 (GMT+1) -TeleCable Gijon H.C. (SP) x Generali H.C. Palau de Plegamans (SP)
LIVE TV RTPA Asturias- LIVE Streaming, and World Skate Europe TV


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