Here are the 12 teams qualified for the three European Final Four

The 12 teams that will participate in the three final four that will be played between the months of April and May have been defined this evening. 
In the Euroleague, the four semi-finalists will be two Italians and two Portugueses who will clash in two derbies on May 14 in Torres Novas in Portugal. Trissino-Sarzana and Valongo-Tomar. Trissino winner of group A, thanks to the victory at the photo finish in Lodi for 3-2. Tomar took second place, winning 4-2 in France at La Vendeenne.  In Group B the standing had already been decided. Sarzana reached Valongo with 13 points thanks to the 7-4 victory at home to Diessbach and the concomitant defeat of the Portuguese by the French Coutras for 5-4.

It will be a challenge between Italy and Spain in the World Skate Europe Cup. Two other Italians, Valdagno and Follonica will clash in the semifinals, while two Catalans will play the other place in the final, between Finques Prats Lleida and Calafell. It will be played in Paredes on April 24 with the final on April 25. Important victories for Lleida and Calafell, at home in front of their fans, respectively 5-1 against the French of Dinan Quevert and 2-1 against the Portuguese of Viana. Valdagno won 3-1 against the tough Voltregà while Follonica scored 6-3 against the French Noisy.

The most anticipated match between Generali Palau and Martinelia Manlleu was won by the European champions 2-0 with two goals by Aina Florenza. They then qualify for the Final Four, together with Fenie Energia Cerdanyola, second in the standing. Also in Group B, Sanjoanense won 8-2 against the Italian Matera. In Group A everything was already decided with Gijón in first position and Benfica in second. The Portuguese won 13-2 over the French noisy, while Voltregà won 6-0 over Coutras, thus placing third. 
The semi-finals will be played in Gijón on 30 April. Generali Palau against Benfica and Telecable Gijón against Fenie Energia Cerdanyola. On May 1, the final between the winners of the semifinals.

Communication: Press Accreditation for the final four 
The forms for press accreditation to the Final Four of the World Skate Europe Cup, Female League Cup and Euroleague, will be opened as soon as possible, as soon as we have the complete program of the games that will take place next week. We will send you an email with the formulary links

Lodi-Trissino – Photo Credit: Alberto Vanelli

Euroleague – 6th and last matchday – Saturday 9th April 2022
h 20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) x G.S.H. Trissino (IT) = 2-3 (0-0, 2-3)
Lodi: Grimalt, Greco, Mendez, Torner, D’Anna – Barbieri, Antonioni, Schiavo, Cervi, Porchera – Coach: Bresciani
Trissino: Zampoli, Pinto, Bars, Garcia E, Cocco G – Ipinazar, Malagolin, Faccin, Gavioli, Zen – Coach: Bertolucci A
Scorers: 2nd: 5’13” Pinto (T), 6’09” Mendez (L), 15’17” Schiavo (L), 20’46” Garcia E (T), 22’32” Cocco (T)
Penalties: 2nd: 5’52” Garcia E (2′) (T)
Referees: Filippo Fronte (IT) and Claudio Ferraro (IT)

h 20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – H.C. La Vendeenne (FR) x S.C. Tomar (PT) = 2-4 (0-2, 2-2)
La Vendeenne: Silva C, Thebaud, Alminana, Pinto M, Delgado D – Debrouver (C), Gefflot, Vankammelbecke, Mateus – Coach: Gaucher
Tomar: Marante, De Sousa, Almeida, Oliveira Caio, Silva G – Silva I (C), Martins, Santos, Moreira T, Veludo – Coach: Lopes N
Scorers: 1st: 14’37” Oliveira (T), 16’50” Oliveira (T) – 2t: 1’24” Santos (T), 1’31” Debrouver (L), 21’58” Moreira (T), 24’15” Gefflot (L)
Penalties: 1st: 22’12” Almeida (2′) (T)
Referees: Loic Le Menn (FR) and Julien Thibaud (FR)

Standing: GSH Trissino (IT) 14 points (+6), SC Tomar (PT) 12 points (+7), Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) 7 points (-1), HC La Vendenne (FR) 0 points

h 17:30 (CET) – 16:30 (GMT) – RHC Diessbach (CH) x Gamma Innovation H.Sarzana (IT) = 4-7 (1-5, 3-2)
Diessbach: Kloti, Kissling (C), Dysli, Rui, Wyss – Garcia A, Galan, Luorencò, Walker, Lehnerr – Coach: Krauss
Sarzana: Corona S (C), Najera, Galbas J, Galbas P, Rossi – De Rinaldis, Perroni, Bianchi – Coach: Corona M
Scorers: 1st: 0’59” Rossi (S), 4’07” Najera (S), 5’51” Rossi (S), 7’14” Najera (S), 10’25” Ribeiro (D), 13’55” Rossi (S) – 2nd: 4’36” Rui (D), 5’06” Najera (S), 9’44” Rui (D), 18’28” Galbas P (S), 21’53” Kissling (D)

Referees: Roland Eggimann (CH) and Urs Dornbierer (CH)

h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – US Coutras (FR) x AD Valongo (PT) = 5-4 (1-2, 4-2)
Coutras: Audelin, Chirino (C), Sero, Mantinan, Povedano – Passarini, Lafourcade, Arnouil, Cruz – Coach: Sevilla
Valongo: Bento, Barata, Abreu, Pereira R (C), Moreira R – Sanos N, Navarro, Vieira, Bridge, Mendes – Coach: Bosch
Scorers: 1st: 9’49 Navarro (V), 11’41” Mantinan (C), 24’33” Moreira (PP) (V) – 2nd: 9’35” Povedano (C), 12’14” Chirino (C), 15’07” Moreira R (V), 15’18” Sero (dir.shot) (C), 19’22” Povedano (C), 19’30” Barata (V)
Penalties: 1st: 20’51” Pereira R (2′) (V), Toni Sero (2′) (C), Mantinan (2′) (C)
Referees: Arnaud Esoli (FR) and Nuno Melo (FR)

Standing: Valongo (PT) 13 points (+13), Gamma Innovation Sarzana (IT) 13 points (+5), RHC Diessbach (CH) 6 p (-9), US Coutras RH (FR) 3 p (-10)

FINAL FOUR @ Torres Novas (PT) – Time to be defined
Semifinal #1 – 14th May 2022 – Trissino (IT) x Gamma Innovation H.Sarzana (IT)
Semifinal #2 – 14th May 2022 – A.D. Valongo (PT) x S.C. Tomar (PT)
FINAL – 15th May 2022 – Winners Semifinals

World Skate Europe Cup – Quarterfinals – 2nd leg – Saturday 9th April 2022

h 20:30 (CET) – 19.30 (GMT) – Finques Prats C.E. Lleida (SP) x H.C. Dinan Quevert (FR) = 5-1 (1st Leg 4-1 – 2nd Leg 5-1 – Total goals: 9-2)
Finques Prats: Serra, Selva, Tomas (C), Canellas, Di Benedetto B – Vvies, Duch, Badia, Folguera S, Fonoll – Coach. Folguera A
Dinan: Acevedo, Calise, Montivero, Martinez J (C), Podevin – Landrin, Turluer, Ricaille, Fernandez – Coach: Burgoa
Scorers: 1st: 3’57” Martinez (D), 9’4″ Di benedetto B (L), 11’21” Badia (L), 23’21” Selva (L) – 2nd: 12’53” Vives (L), 21’10” Vives (pen.shot) (L)
Referees: Matteo Galoppi (IT) and Luca Molli (IT)

h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – H.C. Valdagno (IT) x C.P. Voltregà (SP) = 3-1  (1st leg 2-2 – 2nd leg 3-1 – Total goals: 5-3)
Valdagno: Sgaria, Ciocale, De Oro, Gonzalez, Motaran – Piroli, Clodelli, Cocco (C), Mir, Fongaro – Coach: Mir
Voltregà: Estrada, Vargas (C), Molas, Teixido, Canal A – Serra, Polas P, Palazon, Luzon – Coach: Nogue
Scorers: 1st: 9’11” Gonzalez (Val), 21’32” Canal A (Vol) – 2nd: 8’44” Gonzalez (Val), 24’50” De Oro (Val)
Referees: Joaquim Pinto (PT) and Pedro Silva (PT)

h 19:30 (CET) – 18:30 (GMT) – C.P. Calafell (SP) x Juventude de Viana (PT) = 2-1 (1st leg 6-3 – 2nd Leg: 2-1 – Total goals: 8-4)
Calafell: Edo, Miras, Escala, Xaus, Casas – Mendes, Gabarro, Palau (C), Marimon – Coac: Lopez F
Viana: Correia, Herman, Pereira N (C), Delgado, Castano – Batista, Cardoso, Pedro Lima, Guia – Coach: Pinheiro 
Scorers: 1st: 9’04” Gabarro (C) – 2nd: 19’54” Escala (C), 23’17” Pedro (V)
Referees: Ulderico Barbarisi (IT) and Simone Brambilla (IT)

h 21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – Follonica H.1952 (IT) x C.S. Noisy Le Grand (FR) = 6-3 (1st leg 4-3 – 2nd leg: 6-3 – Total goals: 10-6)
Follonica: Barozzi, Banini D, Pagnini F (C), Bonarelli, Montigel – Llobet, Banini F, Pagnini M, Montauti, Irace – Coach: Silva S
Noisy: Mane, Avondo, Costa (C), Barbe, Grellier – Weber, Antunes, Pujol, Martins, Boyeau – Coach: Rovira
Scorers: 1st: 1’47” Montigel (F), 3’51” Montigel (F), 6’54” Pagnini F (F), 15’16” Avondo (pen.shot) (N), 17’44” Banini F (F), 23’05” Avondo (pen.shot) (N) – 2nd: 1’48” Avondo (dir.shot) (N), 8’20” Bonarelli (F), 15’05” Llobet (F)
Penalties: 1st: 23’05” Avondo (2′) (N), 23’56” Montigel (2′) (F) – 2nd: 16’50” Avondo (2′) (N), 18’09” Bonarelli (2′) (F)
Referees: Ivan Gonzalez (SP) and Raul Burgos (SP)

FINAL FOUR @ Paredes (PT) – Time to be defined
Semifinal #1 – 23rd April 2022 – Finques Prats C.E. Lleida (SP) x C.P. Calafell (SP) 
Semifinal #2 – 23rd April 2022 – H.C. Valdagno (IT) x Follonica H.1952 (IT)
FINAL – 24th April 2022 – Winners Semifinals

Female League Cup – 5th and last matchday – Saturday 9th April 2022
h 20:30 (GMT) – 21:30 (CET) – S.L. Benfica (PT) x C.S. Noisy Le Grand (FR)  = 13-2 (7-1, 6-1)
Benfica: Benfeitas, Sousa (C), Flores, Figueiredo, Santos – Ramos, Contreiras, Silva M, Pedro, Albuquerque – Coach: Almeida P
Noisy: Devaux, Renier (C), Lilou, Daribo, Garcia M – Vignel M, Pereira, Denest, Vignel, P, Choucane – Coach: Millul
Scorers: 1st: 1’40” Sousa (B), 2’32” Flores (B), 3’11” Figueiredo (B) 3’31” Santos (B), 3’56” Flores (B), 12’44” Sousa (B), 23’41” Denest (N), 24’22” Figueiredo (B) – 2nd: 12’27” Pedro (B), 14’39” Silva M (B), 16’58” Renier (N), 21’11” Sousa (B), 21’29” Flores (B), 22’09” Sousa (pen-shot) (B), 24’04” Flores (pen.shot) (B)

Referees: Miguel Guilherme (PT) and Teofilo Casemiro (PT)

h 17:00 (CET) – 16:00 (GMT) – C.P. Voltregà (SP) x U.S. Coutras (FR) = 6-0 (1-0, 5-0)
Voltregà: Sala, Bosch, Tarrida, Arxe (C), Vistos, Vilamala, Franci, Ferran, Otegui – Coach: Riera
Coutras: Barros, Lafourcade, Ribeiro (C), Cumella, Winter – Zanelli, Clevers, Moreau, Martin – Coach: Ducourtioux
Scorers: 1st: 7’34” Tarrida (V) – 2nd: 3’36” Arxe (dir.shot) (V), 6’06” Vistos (V), 6’40” Vistos (V), 19’00” Vilamala (V), 19’42” Bosch (V)
Penaltiss: 1st: 10’22” Vistos (2′) (V) – 2nd: 3’30” Cumella (2′) (C)
Referees: Josep Ribò (SP) and Xavier Buixeda (SP)

Standing: Telecable H.C. Gijon (SP) 12 points (+26), S.L. Benfica 9 points (+21), C.P. Voltregà (SP) 6 points (+1), U.S. Coutras (FR) 3 points (-25), C.S. Noisy Le Grand (FR) 0 points (-23)

h 17:30 (GMT) – 18:30 (CET) – A.D. Sanjoanense (PT) x Decom Roller Matera (IT) = 8-2 (3-0, 5-2)
Sanjoanense: Silva, Martins, Couto, Ferreira, Rodrigues J, Silva A, Fernandes, Balonas, Viola, Pereira – Coach: Silva F
Matera: Lamacchia, Lapolla, Yacanto, Taccardi, Raucci, Maniero, Villa – Coach: Capolupo
Scorers: 1st: 7’00” Rodrigues (S), 9’42” Balonas (S), 21’43” Balonas (S) – 2nd: 4’43” Maniero (M), 7’09” Taccardi (M), 8’31” Silva D (S), 13’50” Balonas (S), 17’18” Ferreira (S), 21’26” Rodrigues J (S)
Referees: Porfirio Fernandes (PT) and Silvia Coelho (PT)

h 20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Generali Palau Plegamans x Martinelia C.P. Manlleu (SP) = 2-0 (0-0, 2-0)
Generali: Vicente L, Puigdueta, Colomer, Florenza, Busquets (C) – Vicente G, Fontdegloria, Blackman, Juan, Salvat – Coach: Sanz
Martinelia: Ferrer, Casarramona (C), Castellvi, Anglada, Diez – Punsola, Bullò, Anglada, Comas, Alonso – Coach: Boada
Scorers: 2nd: 6’44” Florenza (P), 18’46” Florenza (P)
Referees: Gerard Gorina (SP) and Oriol Perez (SP)

Standing: Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (SP) 12 points (+13), Fenie Energie Cerdanyola C.H. (SP) 9 points (+12), C.P. Manlleu (SP) 6 points (+14), A.D. Sanjoanense (PT) 3 points (-16), Decom Roller Matera (IT) 0 points (-24)

FINAL FOUR @ Gijon (SP) – Time to be defined
Semifinal #1 – 30th April 2022 – Telecable Gijon H.C. (SP) x Fenie Energia Cerdanyola C.H. (SP)
Semifinal #2 – 30th April 2022 – Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (SP) x S.L. Benfica (PT)
FINAL – 1st May 2022 – Winners Semifinals

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