Manlleu, Benfica, Palau and Gijon are the semifinalist of Female League Cup

Three spanish team and one portugues team are officially qualified to the Final Four on April, 4-5. The right position of each team will be decided at the end of this month in the last matchday. Manlleu won 8-0 in France and an emotional Voltrega-Benfica has terminated to 2-2. The holder of the title of last year was eliminated from the competition after a deep internal transformation after the conquer of the last female league cup. In the second group the two spanish teams are qualified to final four, after two easy victories against french teams. Teleable Gijon won in Coutras 9-7, instead, Generali Palau has defeated Merignac for 8-0
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Photo of Marzia Cattini


REGULAR PHASE – 5th MATCHDAY – Saturday 8th February 2020

h 19:30 PT – h 20:30 CET – Match #134 – CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) x CP Manlleu (SP) = 0-8
h 17:00 PT – h 18:00 CET – Match #135 – CP Voltregà (SP) x SL Benfica (PT)  = 2-2
STANDING: CP Manlleu (SP) 13 points, SL Benfica (PT) 10 points, CP Voltregà (SP) 5 points, CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) 0 points
Next round – 6th and last matchday – Saturday 29th February 2020 – h 18:30 CET – CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) x CP Voltregà (SP) – h 19:00 PT – SL Benfica (PT) x CP Manlleu (SP)

h 20:00 PT – h 21:00 CET – Match #136 – US Coutras (FR) x Gijon Telecable (SP) = 7-9
h 19.00 PT – h 20:00 CET – Match #137 – Generali Palau (SP) x SA Merignac (FR) = 8-0
STANDING: Generali Palau (SP) 12 points (+20), TeleCable Gijon (SP) 12 points (+16), US Coutras (FR) 6 points, SA Merignac (FR) 0 points
Next round – 6th and last matchday – Saturday 29th February 2020 – h 20:00 CET – US Coutras (FR) x Generali Palau (SP) – h 18:00 CET – SA Merignac (FR) x Gijon Telecable (SP)

FINAL FOUR – 4th and 5th April 2020
Match #142 – 1st Group A x 2nd Group B
Match #143 – 1st Group B x 2nd Group A
Match #135 – Semifinal #1 x Semifinal #2

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