Manlleu-Palau and Gijon-Benfica: the two semifinals of Female League Cup


Manlleu wins at Benfica’s home with an unexpected result of 4-3 and gains the first position of the Group A. The catalan team of Jordi Boada will play in the semifinals, again ahead of Generali Palau: they have played one year ago in the semifinal, where Palau’s women reach the final after a dramatic match decided at the penalty shots. The winner of Group B instead is Telecable Gijon, thanks to the big victory in the rink of Noisy Le Grand, for only 4 goals more than Palau in the final standing. The asturian team of Fernando Sierra will compete in the semifinal against SL Benfica in the re-edition of the 2017’s semifinal at Gijon, where won the spanish club.  The place of the next Final Four (April 4-5) will be defined on the coming weeks after the presentation of proposals for the organization to World Skate Europe.
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REGULAR PHASE – 6th MATCHDAY – Saturday 29th February 2020

h 17:30 PT – h 18:30 CET – Match #138 – CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) x CP Voltregà (SP) = 0-13
h 19:00 PT – h 20:00 CET – Match #139 – SL Benfica (PT) x CP Manlleu (SP) = 3-4
STANDING: CP Manlleu (SP) 16 points, SL Benfica (PT) 10 points, CP Voltregà (SP) 8 points, CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) 0 points
CP Manlleu and SL Benfica qualified to Final Four

h 20:00 PT – h 21:00 CET – Match #140 – US Coutras (FR) x Generali Palau (SP) = 1-4
h 17:00 PT – h 18:00 CET – Match #141 – SA Merignac (FR) x Gijon Telecable (SP) = 3-14
STANDING: TeleCable Gijon (SP) 15 points (+27), Generali Palau (SP) 15 points (+23), US Coutras (FR) 6 points, SA Merignac (FR) 0 points
TeleCable Gijon and Generali Palau qualified to Final Four

FINAL FOUR – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April 2020
Match #142 – CP Manlleu (SP) x Generali Palau (SP)
Match #143 – Telecable Gijon (SP) x SL Benfica (PT)
Match #144 – Semifinal #1 x Semifinal #2

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