Palau-Mataro the Challenge Rafael Oliveira’s Final. Live streaming from 9:30, OVF-Azzurre

It will be an all-Catalan final, the final of the Rafael Oliveira Challenge, the seventh edition of the international tournament reserved for clubs and selections of the Under 17 Female category. Sunday at 12:00 (Central Europe Time), 11 local, the final, against the two strongest teams of the tournament, winners of the two semifinals. Palau Plegamans won 5-0 against Team Azzurre, the Italian selection, and Matarò won 4-3 in extra time against OVF, the Portuguese selection. The final for third place will be played at 9:30 local time (10:30 CET). All the matches will be broadcast live on

The fifth place was won by BBR, selection French, winning 3-2 against the Portuguese of the regional selection of Aveiro (sixth place). The seventh place went to the Lisbon Regional Selection, winning 3-2 against YLP England (eighth place). 
In the qualifying rounds, the two Catalan teams won the two groups, second place for Italy and OVF.

For all the results and the calendars, the dedicated website will be

CH Mataro again the final (Match against OVF)

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