Portuguese Poker. Porto-Oliveirense and Benfica-Sporting are the Euroleague Semifinals

The last day of the first phase was characterized by the qualification to the Final Four of four Portuguese teams out of the four places available. Three impressive games in terms of intensity and emotions but also in terms of the amount of goals scored. In the first match between Barcelos and Porto, a myriad of emotions with the “dragoes” always ahead but always reached by the opponents, stubborn to constantly look for the victory goal that however did not arrive, rewarding Porto in the Final Four. Oliveirense and Sporting faced each other face-to-face from the first minute, building a match full of goals, for a total of 12. The 6-6 that rewards both with access to the final four, Oliveirense as group C winner thanks to the best goal difference, Sporting as the best second for total points. In the last infinite game
The Final Four will be played on May 15-16 with the Porto-Oliveirense and Benfica-Sporting semi-finals.
The best scorer in this phase was Manrubia (Noia) with 5 goals. Best goalkeeper was Pedro Henriques with 3 goals suffered

EUROLEAGUE – First Phase – April, 9-10-11 in Luso (Portugal)

3rd matchday – Sunday 11th April 2021 (local time)
h 14.00 – Match #03 – Group A – OC Barcelos x FC Porto = 3-3
OCB: Acevedo, Pereira T, Guimaraes, Querido, Gimenez – Rocha, Ventura, Pereira T, Lourenço, Ferreira – Coach Neto
FCP: Malian, Rafa, Barroso, Garcia R, Alves – Di Benedetto, Cocco, Mena, Poka, Rodrigues T – Coach Cabestany
Scorers: 1st 8’43” Rafa (P), 9’29” Querido (pen) (B), 19’29” Garcia R (P), 22’24” Pereira J (B), 23’24” Garcia R (P) – 2nd: 8’04” Rocha (B)
Penalties: 2nd 3’43” Garcia R (2′) (P)

h 17.00 – Match #06 – Group B – UD Oliveirense x Sporting CP = 6-6
UDO: Puigbi, Torra, Silva J, Hugo, Magalhaes – Bargallo, Martinez, Ferruccio, Moreira, Filipe – Coach Pereira P
Sporting: Girao, Pinto, Gomez, Platero, Perez – Romero, Font, Souto, Verona, Macedo – Coach Freitas
Scorers: 1st: 1’16” Gil (S), 4’31” Pinto (S), 4’52” Torra (O), 5’41” Perez (S), 6’02” Hugo (O), 10’14” Martinez (O), 18’09” Torra (O), 19’39” Romero (S), 22’46” Souto (S) – 2nd: 4’30” Font (S), 5’33” Torra (pen) (O), 19’54” Silva J (O)
Penalties: 1st 18’05” Font (2′) (S)

h 20.00 – Match #09 – Group C – SL Benfica x Barça = 6-2
SLB: Henriques, Neves V, Rafael D, Ordonez, Pinto G – Lamas, Aragones, Vieira, Rampulla, Barros – Coach Dominguez
Barça: Fernandez, Bargallò, Panadero, Roca, Rodrigues J – Nunes, Pascual, Alabart, Alvarez, Egurrola – Coach Castro
Scorers: 1st 0’23” Ordonez (Ben), 2’31” Panadero (Bar), 11’45” Rafael (pp) (Ben), 18’49” Pinto (Ben) – 2nd: 12’08” Aragones (Ben), 13’37” Ordonez (dir.shot) (Ben), 21’11” Pinto (Ben), 23’38” Alvarez (Bar)
Penalties: 1st 11’32” Nunes (2′) (Bar) – 2nd: 1’26” Panadero (2′) (Bar), 3’18” Rafael D (2′) (Ben), 14’48” Roca (2′) (Bar)

Group A: FC Porto 4 points [+3], OC Barcelos 2 points [0]*, CE Noia 1 point [0]*
Group B: UD Oliveirense 4 points [+4], Sporting CP 4 points [+2], Reus Deportiu 0 [-6]*
Group C: SL Benfica 6 points [+9], Barça 1 point [-4]*, Deportivo Liceo 1 point [-5] *
* not qualified to Final Four

Photo Credit, Antonio Lopes (Benfica-Barça)


All nine matches will be broadcasted live on many platforms. All the TV rights in this season are left free to the local organizers and in this case, the production is entrusted to HockeyGlobal. They will stream to their Facebook and Youtube; instead, the new WEBTV of World Skate Europe. will show by https://europe.worldskate.tv with the portuguese voice of Josè Santos. 
In television, the Euroleague first phase will be shown through the Portuguese channels, Benfica TV, Porto Canal, Sporting TV and the Spanish, Barça TV, Esports3 (TV3 Catalunya) and Tv Galicia
After the matches, you will find the Highlights in our WebTV and also in our new Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/EURORINKHOCKEYTV


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