Rink Hockey Development Commission Starts to Work


Yesterday took place the first meeting of the Rink Hockey Development Commission, created by WSE Rink Hockey with the purpose to promote the development of European Rink Hockey, both in the continent as well as within each country.

This commission is constituted by the representatives of the Federations that replied to the invite (Andorra, Austria, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland) of the Technical Commission.

The Development Commission will start by “taking a picture” of Rink Hockey now, in Europe and in the different countries, to have a starting point to development a list of goals and work on initiatives and strategies to achieve those goals.

Orlando Panza, Rink Hockey Technical Commission Chairman, mentioned that “it’s a historical moment for our sport, with all of us here willing to work and create new solutions and ideas for the development of Rink Hockey”.

This idea was subscribed by all the participants, with all of them describing it as “historical”, “important” and “an opportunity to work together for the future”.