Spain, Portugal and France advance in the standing after the first day

Portugal and Spain sign their first victory as expected, on the first day of the European Championship underway in Paredes (Portugal). Two excellent performances for the two queens of European hockey. Spain, in the afternoon, won 11-0 against Andorra, thanks to the doubles of Alabart, Aragones, Font and Bargallò, while Portugal, in the evening, won 10-0 against Germany, thanks to the doubles in this case of Telmo Pinto, Jorge Silva and Gonçalo Alves. The most exciting match was the first of the tournament, between Italy and France, where the fight to the sound of goals was won by France 8-5. A victory signed by the Di Benedetto brothers, “poker” goals for Carlo and “hat-trick” for Roberto, to which the Italian doubles of Gavioli and Ambrosio responded. A big step for France that tomorrow night at 21:45 (local time) will face the hosts, in which you will see the real strength, both of the hosts and the “Blues”. It is a decisive day to decide who will not go to the Final, because Spain and Italy clash at 15:30 and at 18:30 the challenge between Andorra and Germany.
Among the scorers in the lead Carlo di Benedetto with four goals scored today.

A shot from Portugal-Germany with Rafa Costa, Telmo Pinto and Otto Platz

The two “Azemad MVP” trophies for best goalkeeper and best players will be awarded at the end of the tournaments. The accredited press will determine the two winners.

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Schedule – Pavilhão Municipal de Paredes (Portugal)
1st matchday – Monday 15th November 2021
15:30 (local time – GMT | 16:30 CET) – Italy x France = 5-8 (4-5, 1-3)
Italy: Barozzi (C), Ipinazar, Illuzzi, Cocco, Ambrosio – Malagoli, Verona, Gavioli, Compagno, Gnata – Coach: Bertolucci A.
France: Bonneau, Herman, Di Benedetto B, Di Benedetto R, Di Benedetto C (C) – Le Berre, Gefflot, Debrouver, Savreux L, Audelin – Coach: Savreux F
Scorers: 1p: 1’24” Di Benedetto R (F), 4’55” Di Benedetto C (F), 8’03” Ambrosio (I), 8’28” Cocco (dir.shot) (I), 13’18” Di Benedetto C (dir.shot) (F), 15’39” Gavioli (I), 17’11” Ambrosio (I), 22’42” Di Benedetto R (F), 22’55” Di Benedetto C (F) – 2p: 8’17” Debrouver (F), 17’02” Gavioli (I), 17’22” Di Benedetto C (dir.shot) (F), 23’08” Di Benedetto R (F)
Penalties: 1p: 8’28” Di Benedetto C (2′) (F), 13’16” Malagoli (2′) (I) – 2p: 2’25” Verona (2′) (I), 5’33” Compagno (2′) (I), 18’10” Herman (2′) (F), 19’13” Cocco (2′) (I)
Referees: Pinto (PT) and Guilherme (PT)

18:30 (local time – GMT | 19:30 CET) – Spain x Andorra = 11-0 (6-0, 5-0)
Spain: Malian, Panadero, Alabart, Barroso, Bargallo (C) – Perez, Grau M, Font, Aragones, Grau C – Coach: Cabestany
Andorra: De Sousa, Miquel G (C), Miquel L, Antequera O, Dilme A – Dilme N, Cerqueda, Antequera A, Picanyol, Xicola – Coach: Ferran
Scorers: 1p: 0’14” Alabart (S), 2’37” Bargallo (S), 11’01” Font (S), 11’44” Panadero (S), 14’07” Font (S), 19’08” Grau (S) – 2p: 0’17” Perez (S), 3’36” Aragones (S), 12’43” Bargallo (S), 16’58” Alabart (S), 23’20” Aragones (S)
Referees: Fronte (IT) and Ferrari (IT)

21:45 (local time – GMT ! 22:45 CET) – Portugal x Germany = 10-0 (3-0, 7-0)
Portugal: Girao, Magalhaes, Nunes, Rodrigues (C), Alves – Rafael, Rafa, J.Silva, T.Pinto, Henriques – Coach: Garrido
Germany: Kutscha, Karschau (C), Hages, Strieder, Zilken – Platz, Thiel, Rindfleisch, Rath, Kreidewolf – Coach: Wahlen
Scorers: 1p: 7’36” Alves (P), 12’51” T.Pinto (P), 17’34” J.Silva (P) – 2p: 1’50” Alves (P), 3’33” J.Silva (P), 4’57” Magalhaes (P), 5’32” T.Pinto (P), 14’02” Rafael (P), 21’40” Rodrigues (P), 22’50” Rafa (P)

STANDING: Spain 3 p (+11), Portugal 3 p (+10), France 3p (+3), Italy 0p (-3), Andorra 0p (-11), Germany 0p (-10)

2nd matchday – Tuesday 16th November 2021
15:30 (local time – GMT | 16:30 CET) – Italy x Spain – LIVE RaiSport – LIVE Teledeporte – LIVE WSETV
18:30 (local time – GMT | 19:30 CET) – Andorra x Germany – LIVE WSETV
21:45 (local time – GMT | 22:45 CET) – France x Portugal – LIVE RTP1, Rtpi, RtpA – LIVE WSETV

3rd matchday – Wednesday 17th November 2021
15:30 (local time – GMT | 16:30 CET) – Germany x Spain – LIVE Teledeporte – LIVE WSETV
18:30 (local time – GMT | 19.30 CET) – Andorra x France – LIVE WSETV
21:45 (local time – GMT | 22:45 CET) – Portugal x Italy – LIVE RTP1, Rtpi, RtpA – LIVE RaiSport – LIVE WSETV

4th matchday – Thursday 18th November 2021
15:30 (local time – GMT | 16:30 CET) – France x Germany – LIVE WSETV
18:30 (local time – GMT | 19:30 CET) – Italy x Andorra – LIVE RaiSport – LIVE WSETV
21:45 (local time – GMT | 22:45 CET) – Spain x Portugal – LIVE RTP1, Rtpi, RtpA – – LIVE Teledeporte – LIVE WSETV

5th matchday – Friday 19th November 2021
15:30 (local time – GMT | 16:30 CET) – Italy x Germany – LIVE RaiSport – LIVE WSETV
18:30 (local time – GMT | 19:30 CET) – France x Spain – LIVE WSETV
21:45 (local time – GMT | 22:45 CET) – Portugal x Andorra – LIVE RTP1, Rtpi, RtpA – LIVE WSETV

Final day – Saturday 20th November 2021
14:30 (local time – GMT | 15:30 CET) – Final 5th-6th place
17:00 (local time – GMT | 18:00 CET) – Final 3rd-4th place
20:00 (local time – GMT | 21:00 CET) – Final 1st-2nd place


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