Spain takes the lead and Portugal remains unbeaten


Spain takes the lead of the 14th European Championship after two consecutive matches in this second matchday. Two amazing victories against Switzerland (12-0) and Italy (7-1), for a total of 9 points in the standing. Portugal remains unbeaten after the first important match of the tournament against Germany (4-1). France takes the first victory against England (11-5).
Early in this morning, another amazing matches: at 9.30h (local time) a decisive France-Germany and in the afternoon Italy-Germany (h 19.00 local time) and then Portugal-France (h 21.00 local time), and Switzerland-England (h 17.00 local time). The game Italy-Germany will be broadcasted live in Italian satellite channel MediaSport Channel (814 in Sky Italy or in free satellite Satellite Eutelsat Hotbird 13B – 13′ EST – Frequence Up-link 17.845,3 Mhz, Frequence Down-Link 12.245, 3 Mhz). All the matches live on our WebTV ( that you can watch also in your TV through Chromecast.

Credit photo: Antonio Lopes

SPAIN – SWITZERLAND = 12-0 (5-0, 7-0)
Spain: Ferrer, Casarramona, Gonzalez M (1), Diez (3), Gonzales S (1) – Busquets (1), Barcons (2), Puigdueta (1), Lee (3), Vicente – Coach Ares
Switzerland: Moser, Ellenberger, Moor, Senn D., Senn T. – Pluss, Scheer, Schuler, Wachs, Marfurt – Coach Schneider
Referees: Thibaud, Loewe

Easy victory for the spanish team in the early morning against one of the youngest team in the tournament. 3 Goals for Maria Diez and Natasha Lee, 2 goals for Barcons, 1 for Marta Gonzalez, Sara Gonzalez, Busquets and Puigdueta. 

FRANCE – ENGLAND = 11-5 (5-1, 6-4)
France: Michoud-Godard, Lafourcade (2), Gohet, Boyrie (4), Malard (4) – Paredes (1), Corbin, Daribo, Buchuox – Coach Herin
England: Parfitt, McCarthy (4), Ford, Todd (1), Kneeshaw – Courtney, Johns, Finch, Middleton – Coach Amaral
Referees: Veiga (SP), Villar (SP)

France won against England for 11-5, also without the injured captain, Daribo. The french team has played better in the first half with a result of 5-1 and it has resulted decisive in the game, when England  returned partially in the match thanks to the four goals of Beth McCarthy. In the second part of the second half, Malard and Boyrie scored four goals each, and they gave the first victory to France, In the third matchday they will play against Germany in the morning, and in the evening against Portugal.

ITALY – SPAIN = 1-7 (0-3, 1-4)
Italy: Caretta, Lapolla, Tamiozzo, Galeassi, Ghirardello (1) – Sartori, Maniero, Toffanin, Lamacchia, Zarantonello – Coach Giudice
Spain: Vicente, Casarramona (1), Gonzalez M, Diez (2), Gonzales S – Busquets (1), Barcons, Puigdueta (2), Lee (1), Ferrer – Coach Ares
Referees: Cardoso (PT), Duarte (PT)

Italy tried to block the fast attacks of Spain in the first half, but in the second half they has suffered four goals. Italian players has tried to show a strong defense in first period and they suffered 2 unlucky goals, decisive for the entire game. In the second half, Italy played in another way, but Spain has showed a great forward attitude, also with another game in the legs. Diez and Puigdueta scored double;  1 goal for Casarramona, Busquets and Lee. For Italy one goal for Ghirardello in the last minute. Spain will have a rest day in the third matchday, but Italy will play a decisive game against Germany.

PORTUGAL – GERMANY = 4-1 (1-1, 3-0)
Portugal: Vieira M., Ferreira (1), Sousa (2), Silva (1), Vieira I. – Balonas, Moncovio, Florencio, Figueiredo, Jorge – Coach Pires
Germany: Klein, Wichardt (1), Neubert K., Neubert F., Heckels – Hartje, Larocca (1), Kahmann, Brandt, Behrens – Coach Puigvert
Referees: Sosa (ENG), Carmazzi (IT)

In the latest editions of the Female nations competitions, Germany had the best. But in this game, Portugal has putted in the rink the best match, with a great precision and concentration, mostly in the second half, thanks to a decisive break of Sousa and Silva at minute 2 and 10, after the draw of the first period (1-1). Supported from a 600 spectators, Portugal has blocked all the german attacks for reaching the second and decisive victory for trying to re-win a medal. Tomorrow another important fight against France at 21.00. For Germany two games, against France and Italy.

Spain 9 points (3 played), Portugal 6 points (2 played), Italy 3 points (2 played), France 3 points (2 played), Germany 0 points (1 played), Englad and Switzerland 0 points (2 played)

Marlene Sousa (Portugal) 6 goals, Maria Diez (Spain) and Natasha Lee (Spain) 5 goals.
All the complete standing in