Sporting and Benfica are the first qualified to the quartersfinals in Euroleague


Great night for European Rink Hockey with an outstanding matches in Euroleague. In Ws Europe Cup no surprise: all the winners of the 1st leg confirmed their qualification to quartersfinals.

An outstanding night for the Rink Hockey lovers: the four most important matches they did not disappoint, but now we have already two teams qualified to quartersfinals (all from Lisbon), Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Lisboa Benfica. Sporting won 6-4 against a strong Liceo in an amazing match, decided in the last minutes of the games with two goals of Gil and Pinto. 4 matches and 4 wins: nobody as them in this Euroleague. Instead Benfica tied 4-4 against Noia and reached six point of distance to the spanish team, the last team could take the qualification in group D. The italian teams of Forte and Monza will have the best chance to qualified too in their groups. In Group A outstanding victory of Barcelona in a packed PalauBlaugrana (3000 spectators the best crowd of the season): 7 to 6 the final results, resolved by a gol of Joao Rodrigues. Follonica won too against Quevert and now the two teams have the same points: next round in february will have the direct fight in Italy and Barcelona need a victory to assure the qualification in a complicate group. In Group C Porto and Lodi tied 1-1 in a full PalaCastellotti (1600 spectators): the portoguese team has best chance with 10 points to assure the qualification, instead the direct fight Reus-Lodi will decide who will not go to next round. 

In WS Europe Cup no surprise. Igualada won in Diessbach and will play in quartersfinals against Sarzana, that lost 5-3 in the rink of Tomar but they didn’t compromised their qualification thanks to 1st leg. Voltregà has beaten Viana for 4-2 after the draw of the 1st leg 2-2: they will fight against Wolfurt that have win by subjudice in his 1/8 round. The title holder Lleida Llista won 6-5 against Girona and will fight in quarterfinal against the french team of Nantes. Nantes won in the penalty shots the french derby: beaten in regular times 5 to 3, they won with an unique gol in penalty shots after two overtimes tied. Last quartersfinal will be played from two italian teams: Viareggio and Valdagno. Viareggio tied 4-4 against Turquel, instead Valdagno won 9-6 to Biasca. 1st Leg 16th February, 2nd Leg 9th March.

Helder Nunes (Porto) and Andrea Malagoli (Lodi) – Photo Credit: Alberto Vanelli

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EUROLEAGUE – 2nd MATCHDAY – Saturday 17th November 2018
19.00 CET – 18.00 PT – Barça Lassa (SP) x UD Oliveirense (PT) = 7-6
18.00 CET – 17.00 PT – Follonica H. (IT) x Dinan Quevert (FR) = 4-3
STANDING: Barça Lassa (SP) 9 points (+10), Follonica (IT) 9 points (-4), Oliveirense (PT) 6 points and Dinan Quevert (FR) 0 point
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) – Dinan Quevert (FR) x UD Oliveirense (PT) – H. Follonica (IT) x FC Barcelona (SP)

16.00 CET – 15.00 PT – Sporting CP (PT) x HC Liceo (SP) = 6-4
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – Forte dei Marmi (IT) x SKG Herringen (DE) = 6-0
STANDING: Sporting CP (PT) 12 points (qualified to QFS), Forte dei Marmi (IT) 9 points, HC Liceo (SP) 3 points, SK Germania Herringen (DE) 0 
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) – H. Forte (IT) x Sporting CP (PT) – SK Germania Herringen (DE) x HC Liceo (SP)

21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – Reus Deportiu (SP) x SCRA Saint Omer (FR) = 5-3
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – Amatori Lodi (IT) x FC Porto (PT) = 1-1
STANDING: FC Porto (PT) 10 points, Amatori Lodi (IT) 7 points, Reus Deportiu (SP) 6 points, SCRA Saint Omer (FR) 0
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) – Reus Deportiu (SP) x Wasken Lodi (IT) – SCRA Saint Omer (FR) x FC Porto (PT)

20.45 CET – 19.45 PT – HRC Monza (IT) x HC Montreux (CH) = 6-2
20.00 CET – 19.00 PT – SL Benfica (PT) x CE Noia (SP) = 4-4
STANDING: SL Benfica (PT) 10 points (qualified to QFS), HRC Monza (IT) 9 points, CE Noia (SP) 4 points, HC Montreux (CH) 0
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) -. HRC Monza (IT) x SL Benfica (PT) – HC Montreux (CH) x CE Noia (SP)

WS EUROPE CUP – 1/8 – 2nd Leg – Saturday 19th January 2019

17.00 CET – 16.00 PT – RSC Diessbach (CH) x Igualada HC (SP)  – 1st Leg = 1-4 – 2nd Leg – 2nd Leg 3-4 –  Total goals: 4-8 – Igualada qualified to quarterfinal
19.00 CET – 18.00 PT – SC Tomar (PT) x H. Sarzana (IT)  – 1st Leg = 2-6 – 2nd Leg = 5-3 Total goals: 7-9 – H. Sarzana qualified to quarterfinal
20.00 CET – 19.00 PT – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x Girona HC (SP)   – 1st Leg = 6-1 – 2nd Leg = 6-5 – Total goals: 12-6 – CE Lleida Llista qualified to quarterfinal
20.30 CET – 19.30 PT – SA Merignac (FR) x RHC Wolfurt (AT)  – 1st Leg = 0-10 – 2nd Leg not played due to international regulation – RHC Woulfurt qualified to quarterfinal
20.45 CET – 19.45 PT – H. Valdagno 1938 (IT) x RC Biasca (CH)  – 1st Leg = 6-5 – 2nd Leg = 9-6 – Total goals: 15-11 – H Valdagno 1938 qualified to quarterfinal
20.45 CET – 19.45 PT – CP Voltregà (SP) x Juventude Viana (PT)  – 1st Leg = 2-2 – 2nd Leg = 4-2 – Total goals: 6-4 – CP Voltregà qualified to quarterfinal
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – CGC Viareggio (IT) x HC Turquel (PT)  – 1st Leg = 5-2 – 2nd Leg = 4-4 – Total goals = 9-6 – CGC Viareggio qualified to quarterfinal
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – US Coutras (FR) x Nantes ARH (FR)   – 1st Leg = 2-4 – 2nd Leg = 5-3 – Overtimes = 2-2 – Penalty shots: 0-1 – Total goals: 9-10 – Nantes ARH qualified to quarterfinal 

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERSFINAL – 1st Leg – Saturday 16th February 2019 (TBD) 
Nantes ARH (FR) x CE Lleida Llista (SP)
H. Sarzana (IT) x Igualada HC (SP)
RHC Wolfurt (AT) x CP Voltregà (SP)
CGC Viareggio (IT) x H. Valdagno 1938 (IT)

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERSFINAL – 2nd Leg – Saturday 9th March 2019 (TBD) 
CE Lleida Llista (SP) x Nantes ARH (FR)
Igualada HC (SP) x H. Sarzana (IT)
CP Voltregà (SP) x RHC Wolfurt (AT)
H. Valdagno 1938 (IT) x CGC Viareggio (IT)