The Final of Female League Cup will be Voltregà-Plegamans

Palau Plegamans wins in penalty shots the semifinal against Manlleu. Voltregà instead has a quite easy victory against Iserlohn. Tomorrow at 13.00 the final of Female League Cup, live on Esports3, El9Nou and

Palau Plegamans wins 4-3 in the first semifinal, after scores two penalty shots. En equal match in the catalan derby with a great attitude for each the two teams. 1-1 the results in the regular times and other 1-1 in the overtimes. The penalty shots decided the match: Palau Plegamans score with Busquets and Garcia, instead the home team only with Casarramona. 

In the second semifinal Voltregà wins quite easily against ERG Iserlohn for 9-1. Two goals of Anna Romero, Adriana Gutierrez and Anna Bosch decided the game. The unique goal of Iserlohn scored by Wichardt, the best scorer of the league.

Tomorrow at 13.00 the final Voltregà-Plegamans in live broadcasting to Esports3, El9Nou and in

An action of Manlleu-Plegamans – Photo credit: Marzia Cattini

FEMALE LEAGUE CUP – Final Four- 16th and 17th March 2019 in Manlleu (SPAIN)
Semifinal #2 – h 17.30 – Match #135 – CP Manlleu (SP) x HCP Plegamans (SP) = 3-4 (1-1, 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 1-2)
Manlleu: Ballesta, Lopez, Gurri, Casarramona, Barcons – Diez, Pujadas, Bernadas, Castellvi, Otegui – Coach: Casali
Palau: Vicente, Puigdueta, Colomer, Florenza, Busquets – Garcia, Nadal, Ferron, Fontdegloria, Villarasa – Coach: Busquets
Scorers: 1st half: 7’34” Diez (M), 19’55” Florenza (P) – 2hd half: – 1st Overtime: 4’00″Aina Florenza (P) – 2nd Overtime: 1’00” Bernadas (M) – Penalty: Busquers (P), Garcia (P), Casarramona (M)

Semifinal #1 – h 20.15 – Match #134 – ERG Iserlohn (DE) x CP Voltregà (SP) = 1-9 (0-6, 1-3) 
Iserlohn: Ehlert, Neubert F, Neubert K, Runge, Wichardt – Scheer, Pothofer, Oligschaler, Behrendt – All. Puigvert
Voltregà: Bernadas, Tarrida, Barcelò, Romero, Gutierrez – Anglada, Bosch, Villalta, Vistos, Golet – Coach Rovira
Scorers: 1st half: 1’58” Romero (V), 4’18” Tarrida (V), 9’54” Barcelò (V), 13’56” Gutierrez (V), 18’56” Bosch (V), 24’00” Romero (V) – 2nd half: 3’25” Gutierrez (V), 8’11” Vistos (V), 22’01” Bosch (V), 23’30” Wichardt (I)

Final – Match #136 – Sunday h 13.00 – CP Voltregà (SP) x HCP Plegamans (SP)

All the three matches will be broadcasted from TV3 Catalunya in the channel Esport3. Local accreditated television EL NOU will transmit it too. As always, we will trasmit live on our NEW WEBTV ( The coverage will be extended with the Press Conferences after the match, available in our webtv or in Youtube channel. 

WSE-RH will follow entirely the Final Four with a special coverage in social network and in the section of Female League Cup with the official photos of Marzia Cattini.
Every Match will be covered from our OFFICIAL LIVESCORING in English and Spanish languages with all the official statistics and event during the game.
OFFICIAL HASHTAGS -> #f4okeurof #okeurof

06-07    BIESCA GIJON (SPA)    
07-08    VOLTREGA’ (SPA)    
09-10    BIESCA GIJON (SPA)    
10-11    VOLTREGA’ (SPA)
12-13    VOLTREGA’ (SPA)
13-14    ALCORCON (SPA)
14-15    BENFICA (PORT)
15-16    VOLTREGA (SPA)
16-17    VOLTREGA (SPA)
17-18    GIJON (SPA)

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERSFINAL – 2nd Leg – Saturday 9th March 2019
Match #103/107 – h. 20.00 – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x Nantes ARH (FR) = 8-3 – 1st Leg: 5-3 – 2nd Leg: 8-3 – Total goals: 13-6 – CE LLeida Llista qualified to Final Four
Match #104/108 – h. 20.00 – Igualada HC (SP) x H. Sarzana (IT) = 3-3 – 1st Leg: 4-5 – 2nd Leg: 3-2 – Overtimes: 0-1 – Total goals: 7-8 – H. Sarzana qualified to Final Four
Match #105/109 – h. 20.00 – CP Voltregà (SP) x RHC Wolfurt (AT) = 7-3 – 1st Leg: 8-1 – 2nd Leg: 7-3 – Total goals: 15-4 – CP Voltregà qualified to Final Four
Match #106/110 – 16/3/19 h 20.45 –  H. Valdagno 1938 (IT) x CGC Viareggio (IT) – Referees: Alberto Lopez (SP), Ivan Gonzalez (SP)

WS EUROPE CUP – FINAL FOUR – Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2019 (PTBD end of march) 
Semifinal #1 – H. Sarzana (IT) x Winner Match 106/110
Semifinal #2 – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x CP Voltregà (SP)
Final – Winners of 2 semifinals

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