The first amazing night of the new year in the European Competitions


Three great matches in the first round of 2019: Barcelona-Oliveirense, Lodi-Porto and Sporting-Liceo. They can redesign all the standings after the end of 2018. In WS Europe Cup will be decided the best eight teams of the season.

Another amazing night with the European Rink Hockey with 12 Live games: in the Euroleague will be played the 4th Matchday of the Groups Stage with the schedule of three big matches that could redesign all the standings or could confirm all the results of the december. 10 matches in live streaming on, 2 on Youtube.

First of all Barcelona – Oliveirense for the Group A: in december Oliveirense beats the catalan team and now the spanish will have the chance, ahead of their supporters, to return in first position. Sporting-Liceo is the second big match of the day: Sporting with another victory could be the first team to take the qualification to the Quartersfinal. Porto instead will have the return game in the difficult rink of Lodi (Group C): the portoguese team wants to win for amoring the qualification to the next round. In the Group D also Benfica could take the qualification of Quartersfinal against Noia, already beaten on december.

In WS Europe Cup will be decided the best eight teams of the second europen competitions. Three games live on and 1 in Youtube. The most interesting game will be Voltregà versus Juventude Viana: in december was ended with a draw. The title-holder Lleida Llista has 5 goals to defende their title against Girona. The italians Viareggio, Valdagno and Sarzana have the possibility to gain the qualification, together with Igualada and Wolfurt. Coutras will need an incredible game in own rink for overturn the two 2 goals suffered against Nantes in the 1st leg.

Marc Grau (Noia) and Jordi Adroher (Benfica): the two scorers of Noia-Benfica on december. Photo credit: Kilian Càtedra

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All the clubs, from this sporting season, will upload all the entire matches of all the european competitions in our Youtube Channel .

EUROLEAGUE – 2nd MATCHDAY – Saturday 17th November 2018
19.00 CET – 18.00 PT – Barça Lassa (SP) x UD Oliveirense (PT) – Referees: Julien Thibaud (FR), Xavier Bleuzen (FR) – Live and BarçaTV
18.00 CET – 17.00 PT – Follonica H. (IT) x Dinan Quevert (FR) – Referees: Florindo Cardoso (PT), Julio Teixeira (PT) – Live
STANDING: Barça Lassa (SP) 6 points (+9), Oliveirense (PT) 3 points (+3), Follonica (IT) 6 points (-5) and , Dinan Quevert (FR) 0 point
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) – Dinan Quevert (FR) x UD Oliveirense (PT) – H. Follonica (IT) x FC Barcelona (SP)

16.00 CET – 15.00 PT – Sporting CP (PT) x HC Liceo (SP) – Referees: Filippo Fronte (IT), Franco Ferrari (IT) – Live and Sporting TV
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – Forte dei Marmi (IT) x SKG Herringen (DE) – Referees: Jaime Veira (PT), Orlando Panza (PT) – Live 
STANDING: Sporting CP (PT) 9 points, Forte dei Marmi (IT) 6 points, HC Liceo (SP) 3 points, SK Germania Herringen (DE) 0 
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) – H. Forte (IT) x Sporting CP (PT) – SK Germania Herringen (DE) x HC Liceo (SP)

21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – Reus Deportiu (SP) x SCRA Saint Omer (FR) – Referees: Steff Jordi (CH), Roland Eggimann (CH) – Live Youtube
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – Amatori Lodi (IT) x FC Porto (PT) – Referees: Ivan Gonzales (SP), Oscar Valverde (SP) – Live and Porto Canal
STANDING: FC Porto (PT) 9 points, Amatori Lodi (IT) 6 points, Reus Deportiu (SP) 3 points, SCRA Saint Omer (FR) 0
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) – Reus Deportiu (SP) x Wasken Lodi (IT) – SCRA Saint Omer (FR) x FC Porto (PT)

20.45 CET – 19.45 PT – HRC Monza (IT) x HC Montreux (CH) – Referees: Alberto Veiga (SP), Miguel Diaz (SP) – Live
20.00 CET – 19.00 PT – SL Benfica (PT) x CE Noia (SP) – Referees: Joseph Silecchia (IT), Massimiliano Carmazzi (IT) – Live and BenficaTV
STANDING: SL Benfica (PT) 9 points, HRC Monza (IT) 6 points, CE Noia (SP) 3 points, HC Montreux (CH) 0
Next round – 5th matchday – Saturday 16th February 2019 (time to be definited) -. HRC Monza (IT) x SL Benfica (PT) – HC Montreux (CH) x CE Noia (SP)

WS EUROPE CUP – 1/8 – 2nd Leg – Saturday 19th January 2019

17.00 CET – 16.00 PT – RSC Diessbach (CH) x Igualada HC (SP)  – 1st Leg = 1-4 – Referees: Carsten Niestroy (DE), Daniel Loewe (DE)
19.00 CET – 18.00 PT – SC Tomar (PT) x H. Sarzana (IT)  – 1st Leg = 2-6 – Referees: Antonio Gomez (SP), Angel Tavera (SP) – Live Youtube and RadioTomar
20.00 CET – 19.00 PT – CE Lleida Llista (SP) x Girona HC (SP)   – 1st Leg = 6-1 – Referees: Rui Torres (PT), Paulo Almeida (PT)
20.30 CET – 19.30 PT – SA Merignac (FR) x RHC Wolfurt (AT)  – 1st Leg = 0-10 – Referees: Urs Dornbierer (CH), Johannes Schneider (CH)
20.45 CET – 19.45 PT – H. Valdagno 1938 (IT) x RC Biasca (CH)  – 1st Leg = 6-5 – Referees: Luis Peixoto (PT), Miguel Guilherme (PT) – Live
20.45 CET – 19.45 PT – CP Voltregà (SP) x Juventude Viana (PT)  – 1st Leg = 2-2 – Referees: Claudio Ferraro (IT), Matteo Galoppi (IT) – Live and Esport3
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – CGC Viareggio (IT) x HC Turquel (PT)  – 1st Leg = 5-2 – Referees: Alvaro De La Hera (SP), German Sandoval (SP) – Live
21.00 CET – 20.00 PT – US Coutras (FR) x Nantes ARH (FR)   – 1st Leg = 2-4 – Referees: Joao Duarte (PT), Ricardo Leao (PT)

WS EUROPE CUP – QUARTERSFINAL – 1st Leg – Saturday 16th February 2019 (TBD)