The “heads of serie” of European Competitions

Tomorrow at 17:00 h (PT)-18:00 h (CET) will be held the Draw of European Competitions 2020-2021. The event will be broadcasted live on WORLD-SKATE TV

The heads of group of Euroleague will be Sporting CP (Portugal), FC Porto (Portugal), Barça (Spain) and SCRA Saint-Omer (France).

The heads of series of WS Europe Cup will be CE Lleida Llista Blava (Spain) and Hockey Sarzana (Italy) as finalists of 2018-19 Final, and other 7 teams as the best teams registered for the first seven nations in the Ranking by Nation. 1st: HC Braga (Portugal) – 2nd: Girona HC (Spain) – 3rd: ASD Follonica Hockey 1952 (Italy) – 4th: HC Dinan Quevert (France) – 5th: RC Biasca (Switzerland) – 6th: TuS Dusseldorf Nord (Germany) – 7th: RHC Wolfurt (Austria)

The heads of series of Female League Cup will be CP Voltregà (Spain) and Generali HC Palau Plegamans (Spain) as finalists of 2018-19 Final.

The official guide of the draw will be sent as soon as possible the official communication

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