The official schedule of Under 17 & Under 19 European Championship in Paredes (Portugal)

The WSE-RH Technical Committee, in agreement with the organising committee, in accordance with all the provisions of the country hosting the European Championships  for the category Under 17 Male and Under 19 Male, has agreed to postpone the start of the competitions to the day 7 September 2021, which
will end on 11 September 2021. 10 teams will join the two championships, merged together to reduce the cost of the events for the European Federation.

The 39th Under 17 Male European Championship and the 52nd Under 19 Male European Championship
of Rink Hockey, will take place in the city of Paredes, Portugal, from the day 7 September to end the day 11 September 2021, with the organization of the FPP (Federação de Patinagem de Portugal), in co-operation with the Associação de Patinagem do Porto, together with the City Hall of Paredes. The venue will be the new sport facility of Pavilhao Municipal of Paredes with 1000 seats available: the decision of the entrance of the public will be defined in the coming weeks.

Six teams will join the Under 17 Male European Championship and the formula will be a unique group phase to assign the title, after five matchdays (all-against-all) from Tuesday to Saturday. The teams are Andorra, England, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The first match every day will be the 11 hour and in the afternoon at 15 and 17 the other two matches of the group as indicated in the attached calendar.

Four teams will join the Under 19 Male European Championship: England, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The qualification phase will be composed of a group all-against-all and a playoff round on Friday and Saturday, as a conclusion of the day (19.00 and 21.00 every day). The winner will be defined in the final Saturday evening. 

For all the 10 teams, the training session in the day of Monday 5th September from 10h to 18, but the Organizing Committee has already planned extra training session time in the day before.

10 the referees called for these big event, the first after the latest 2019 Euro Under 17 Male in Torres Vedras. From Spain, Alvaro de La Hera and Josep Ribò; from Italy, Francesco Stallone and Simone Brambilla; from France, Nuno Melo; from England: Bruno Sosa; from Portugal: Silvia Coelho, Paulo Almeida, Teofilo Casimiro, Pedro Figueiredo.

All the information will be possible to see in the two website and
and the press accreditation will start on the 9th of August 2021 and an informative email will be sent that day. 

Official Communication n.67 – DOWNLOAD PDF


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