The return of the Female League Cup. Eight teams for the 14th title in Palau (Spain)

After the Euroleague Final Four, also the European girls return to the rink: eight the teams enrolled in the unique phase of this particular season of the Female League Cup. A return to the rink 15 months after the last game played on February 29, 2020, but it is 26 months that a women’s sector title has not been awarded. The last European Final won in overtime by a goal by Maria Anglada of Voltregà, in the balanced final against Manlleu. The novelty of this event is that for the first time in 15 months European Rink Hockey will have the presence of the public, 50% of the capacity with all the provisions to fight Covid-19 of the government and World Skate Europe, with regard to “the bubbles” and the division between the different groups of people present at the sporting facilities. 
Catalunya will also start with the honours of the prediction in this 14th edition, where the four Catalan teams (Cerdanyola, Manlleu, Plegamans, Voltregà), are joined by the Asturian Gijon (five times champion against six of Voltregà) and the three Portuguese (Benfica, CACO and Stuart HCM). Women’s hockey is reborn with the endless challenge between the different Spanish souls and the Portuguese teams for the fight for title number 15: 6 won by Voltregà (Catalunya), 5 by Gijon (Asturias), 1 by Alcorcon (Madrid) and 1 by Benfica (Portugal).
The Final Eight schedule is set for the Quarter-Finals on Thursday, media day on Friday, Saturday semi-finals and Sunday the big Final. It starts at 2 pm on Thursday between veteran Telecable HC Gijon against freshman CACO. At 4 pm the Catalan derby between Cerdanyola and Manlleu, already challengers in the Women’s Ok Lliga with the double convincing victory of the Catalan yellow-reds (5-2 and 7-2). At 6.00 pm the most anticipated match, the arm wrestle between the Portuguese champions of Benfica and the current European champion Voltregà. A cross between the veteran Cristina Barcelò at the last exit of her glorious career (6 European cups won) will challenge the young Marlene Sousa, captain of red-green selection. At 8.00 pm the home team of Generali HC Palau closes the quarter-final program that will play against the Portuguese youth of Stuart Massamà. The “yellow-black” are fresh from winning their third national title (against Manlleu) while Stuart returns to Europe after a brief absence.
Friday will be the time to rest after the efforts of the Quarter-Finals, but also to talk to the captains and coaches of Rink Hockey and Women’s Sport, on an afternoon dedicated to the discussion of the last phase of the competition. Saturday the two Semi-Finals (still not definitive times due to television reasons) and Sunday the final at 12:00.
All this event will be live on the largest television station in the region, TV3 Catalunya, on the dedicated sports channel Esport3 on Saturday and Sunday, and Thursday only on streaming Streaming our WEBTV World Skate Europe TV will also follow all competitions and their press conferences.

Voltregà-Palau, the last final of the Female League Cup 2019 (Marzia Cattini Credit)

For the matches to be played in this event, the designated the following European International Referees.

PORTUGAL: Silvia Coelho, Carlos Correia, Pedro Silva
SPAIN: Tania Pardo, David Cantos, Oriol Claramunt

On Friday afternoon  (16:00 h) in the rink of the Pavellò Maria Victor will be the press conference of the four main coaches of the finalists teams and the four captains, live on streaming on

The two “Azemad MVP” trophies for best goalkeeper and best player of the Final Eight will be awarded at the end of this Female League Cup Final. The accredited press will determine the two winners.

On television, the Female League Cup Final Eight will be broadcasted entirely by Tv3 Catalunya, before in the streaming channel and from the second semifinal live on the Catalan channel Esport3. The new WEBTV of World Skate Europe. will show by with the portuguese voice of Josè Santos. After every match will be broadcasted also the interviews or the press conference.
After the matches, you will find the Highlights in our WebTV and also in our new Youtube Channel


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Every Match will be covered from our OFFICIAL LIVESCORING in multi-language with all the official statistics and event during the game. 

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Official Press Kit Final Eight – Download PDF
Press Kit [Extended] – Download PDF

FEMALE LEAGUE CUP – Final Eight –  May 27-28-29-30 – Palau Plegamans (Spain)

h 14.00 CET (h 13.00 PT) – Match #14 – QF2 – Telecable HC Gijon (SP) x C.A. Campo Ourique (PT)
LIVE Streaming – LIVE Streaming WSE TV
h 16.00 CET (h 15.00 PT) – Match #16 – QF4 – Cerdanyola CH (SP) x CP Manlleu (SP)
LIVE Streaming  – LIVE Streaming WSE TV
h 18.00 CET (h 17.00 PT) – Match #13 – QF1 – SL Benfica (PT) x CP Voltregà (SP)
LIVE Streaming  – LIVE Streaming WSE TV
h 20.00 CET (h 19.00 PT) – Match #15 – QF3 – Stuart HCM (PT) x Generali HC Palau (SP)
LIVE Streaming  – LIVE Streaming WSE TV

MEDIA DAY – Friday from 16:00 CET – LIVE Streaming WSE TV

Semifinals – Saturday 29th May 2021
h 15.00 CET (h 14.00 PT) – Match #18 – Winner Match #13 x Winner Match #16
LIVE Streaming  – LIVE Streaming WSE TV
h 17.30 CET (h 16.30 PT) – Match #17 – Winner Match #14 x Winner Match #15

Final – Sunday 30th May 2021
h 12.00 – Match #19 – FINAL – Winner Match #17 x Winner Match #18


07-08    VOLTREGA’ (SPA)    
10-11    VOLTREGA’ (SPA)
12-13    VOLTREGA’ (SPA)
13-14    ALCORCON (SPA)
14-15    BENFICA (PORT)
15-16    VOLTREGA (SPA)
16-17    VOLTREGA (SPA)
17-18    GIJON (SPA)
18-19    VOLTREGA (SPA)
19-20    CANCELED

6 Cups: Voltregà (SPA)
5 Cups: Gijon (SPA)
1 Cup: Alcorcon (SPA)
1 Cup: Benfica (PORT)

12 Cups: Spain, last 2019
1 Cup: Portugal, last 2015


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