Trissino-Valongo, the Final of Euroleague 2022

Trissino-Valongo will be the final of the Euroleague 2022 in Torres Novas (Portugal). An unprecedented final between the two winners of the two qualifying rounds that will face each other for their first historic European Euroleague. Start at 15:00 (local) live on A Bola TV and Live Streaming on

Tomar wins the Portuguese derby against Valongo. In a venue seething with hockey passion with 1500 people, Valongo had gone ahead on a penalty shot in the first action of the match. Tomar’s strength, however, came with patience in the second half, thanks to three goals in 5 minutes that totally changed the course of the match. The young Honorio fixes the 1-1 then the experience of Silva for the 2-1 and before the interval a beautiful goal of Honorio in counterattack. In the second half, Valongo tried to get back into the game, but Tomar signed the 4-1 counter-attack with Tomas Moreira. Valongo recovered the gap in the last 12 minutes with the goals of Bridge, Barata and Navarro in fast actions that tied the accounts on 4-4 with 3 minutes to go and also risked victory by hitting a post a few seconds from the end. The overtimes do not lead to particular occasions and in the penalty shootouts, Valongo is superior with the goals of Abreu, Navarro and Moreira.

Valongo: Mendes, Moreira R, Santos N, Navarro (C), Bridge – Vieirinha, Pereira, Abreu, Barata, Bento – Coach: Bosch
Tomar: Veludo, Moreira T, Silva, Almeida (C), Martins – Oliveira, Sousa, Honorio, Silva G, Marante – Coach: Lopes
Scorers: 1st: 1’19” Moreira R (pen.shot) (V), 18’31” Honorio (T), 21’20” Silva G (T), 23’07” Honorio (T) – 2nd: 12’40” Moreira T (T), 12’59” Bridge (V), 15’58” Barata (V), 22’04” Navarro (V) – Penalty shots: Abreu, Navarro and Moreira (Valongo), Almeida (Tomar)
Penalties: 1st: 11’41” Abreu (2′) (V) and Almeida (2′) (T) – 2nd: 19’40” Moreira R (2′) (V)

Trissino won the second semi-final, the Italian derby. A victory with a rather severe result but inside the victory of Trissino there is also a lot of Sarzana who, however, was unable to overcome the opposing defence, well organised from the first minute. After a long phase of equality, an invention by Joao Pinto gives the winning assist to Emanuel Garcia for the first goal. The second comes from a direct shot not made by Pinto but in the rebound manages to sign the 2-0. In the second half, Giulio Cocco on the direct shot makes the 3-0. Sarzana fails to score the direct shot of the 10th foul and has several opportunities to get to reopen the match. But it is still Cocco who signs the 4-0 right on the direct shot and close the game

Trissino: Zampoli, Malagoli, Cocco, Gavioli, Ipinazar – Pinto (C), Garcia E, Bars, Faccin, Zen – Coach: Bertolucci A
Sarzana: Corona, Galbas P, Galbas J, Rossi, Najera – Borsi (C), De Rinaldis, Cardella, Cinquini, Bianchi – Coach: Bertolucci M
Scorers: 1st: 11’34” Garcia E (T), 17’06” Joao Pinto (T) – 2t: 6’06” Cocco (dir.shot) (T), 16’05” Cocco (dir.shot) (T)
Penalties: 2nd: 16’05” Galbas J (2′) (S)

Facundo Navarro (Valongo) against Ivo Silva (Tomar) – Credit Photo: Antonio Lopes

Palacios dos desporto de Torres Novas (Portugal)

Semifinal #2 – 14th May 2022 – h 12:00 (GMT+1) – h 13:00 (CEST) – A.D. Valongo (PT) x S.C. Tomar (PT) = 7-5 after the penalties (Reg 4-4, OT 0-0, Pen 3-1)

Semifinal #1 – 14th May 2022 – h 15:00 (GMT+1) – h 16:00 (CEST) – G.S.H. Trissino (IT) x Gamma Innovation H.Sarzana (IT) = 4-0

FINAL – 15th May 2022 – h 15:00 (GMT+1) – h 16:00 (CEST) – G.S.H. Trissino (IT) x A.D. Valongo (PT)
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