TV Audiences and Front pages of Sport Newspaper


The Euroleague Final Four 2021 has been broadcasted from RTP1, the first Portugal Network. The highest audiences were for the Lisbon Derby Benfica-Sporting (h 21.00) where the peak audience has been reached, 637.000 people. The share of this semifinal was 8.3% with a rating of 4.1. The Average audience was 392.000 and reach contacts in a minute of 1.846.100. The first match Porto-Oliveirense (h 17.00) had an average audience of 214.300 with a share of 6% and a peak of 277.200. The Euroleague Final reach 489.000 person a share of 8,6% and a medium average of 336.000 people. In a minute has reached 1.316.000 and 57% was men and 43% women.  One of the event most-watched in the last years was the Final of European Championship in A Coruna 2018 where the peak audience reached a million views in a minute and the final of the World Championship in Barcelona 2019 with a over million viewers in a minute.

Sunday all the three Sport newspaper of Portugal has dedicated a small or a large part of the front page to the Sporting’s Victory in Euroleague