Victories for Oliveirense and Benfica. Tomorrow Barça and Barcelos will try to overturn the standing


All the eyes will be focused on the games of Barcelos and Barcelona, which will try to overturn the standing. They need only a victory to qualify against, respectively to Porto and Benfica, two of the most convincing teams in the first match of this first phase of Euroleague. The three spanish teams, Noia, Reus and Liceo greet the dream to reach the Euroleague Semifinals because the standing condemns all three to the elimination. Only six teams now are still hooked to the qualification, but Porto, Sporting, Oliveirense and Benfica have the best chance to reach the last phase. Today the best game of the second matchday was Noia-Barcelos, which ended with an impressive tie (5-5). 10 goals in this exciting game, where the young Manruba scores again two goals and for Barcelos, the answer was from Miguel Roca (three goals) :For the Portugueses, the only chance to reach the first final four will be to beat Porto. Oliveirense, instead, has shown one the best performance in this competition, defeating Reus for 5 to 1, thanks to the goals of the two argentine Martinez and Ferruccio (both scored 2 goals). Benfica won for 7-2 against Liceo and made a big step for the qualification. Three the goals for Diogo Rafael but the “eagle” team showed on the rink one of the best hockey in the competition. 

EUROLEAGUE – First Phase – April, 9-10-11 in Luso (Portugal)

2nd matchday – Saturday 10th April 2021 (local time)
h 12.00 – Match #02 – Group A – CE Noia x OC Barcelos = 5-5
OCB: Acevedo, Querido, Pereira K, Gimenez D, Rocha – Ventura, Lorenco, Guimaraes, Pereira T, Ferreira – Coach Neto
Noia: Fernandez J, Pla, Ferrer, Costa, Manrubia – Ballart, Pujadas, Salvado, Zapater – Coach Lopez F
Scorers: 1st 4’35” Ferrer (N), 5’34” Rocha (B), 14’31” Costa (N), 18’28” Manruba (N) – 2nd: 4’21” Querido (pen) (B), 8’16” Gimenez (dir.shot) (B), 12’23” Rocha (B), 18’58” Costa (N), 20’01” Manrubia (dir.shot) (N), 22’48” Rocha (B)
Penalties: 2nd: 11’14” Costa (2′) (N) and Gimenez (2′) (B)

h 15.00 – Match #05 – Group B – Reus Deportiu x UD Oliveirense = 1-5
Reus: Ballart, Bancells, Salvat, Julia, Rodriguez – Najera, Castro, Rojas, Gimenez, Montero – Coach Garcia J
UDO: Puigbi, Hugo, Silva J, Torra, Moreira – Bargallo J, Ferruccio, Martinez L, Magalhaes H, Nelson F – Coach Pereira P
Scorers: 1st: 1’27” Salvat (R), 20’08” Ferruccio (O), 22’58” Martinez L (O) – 2nd: 1’17” Martinez L (O), 17’46” Torra (dir.shot) (O)
Penalties: 2nd: 7’46” Rodriguez (2′) (R)

h 18.00 – Match #08 – Group C – Deportivo Liceo x SL Benfica = 2-7
Liceo: Grau C, Di Benedetto R, Platero, Torres, Adroher – Carballeira, Oruste, Grau M, Ciocale, Rodriguez M – Coach Copa
SLB: Henriques, Neves V, Rafael D, Ordonez, Pinto G – Pinto G, Vieira, Rampulla, Aragones, Barros – Coach Dominguez
Scorers: 1st 6’01” Rafael (pen) (B), 6’53” Neves V (B), 18’33” Di Benedetto R (L), 20’59” Pinto G (B), 24’37” Rafael (B) – 2nd: 12’19” Rafael (pen) (B), 13’02” Aragones (B), 14’29” Pinto (dir.shot) (B)

Group A: FC Porto 3 points [+3], OC Barcelos 1 point [0], CE Noia 1 point [0]*
Group B: UD Oliveirense 3 points [+4], Sporting CP 3 points [+2], Reus Deportiu 0 [-6]*
Group C: SL Benfica 3 points [+5], Barça 1 point [0], Deportivo Liceo 1 point [-5] *
* not qualified to Final Four

3rd matchday – Sunday 11th April 2021 (local time)
h 14.00 – Match #03 – Group A – OC Barcelos x FC Porto
LIVE TV Porto Canal – LIVE Streaming WSE TV
h 17.00 – Match #06 – Group B – UD Oliveirense x Sporting CP
LIVE TV Sporting TV – LIVE Streaming WSE TV
h 20.00 – Match #09 – Group C – SL Benfica x Barça
LIVE TV Barça TV & Benfica TV – LIVE Streaming WSE TV

Photo Credit, Antonio Lopes (Liceo-Benfica)


All nine matches will be broadcasted live on many platforms. All the TV rights in this season are left free to the local organizers and in this case, the production is entrusted to HockeyGlobal. They will stream to their Facebook and Youtube; instead, the new WEBTV of World Skate Europe. will show by with the portuguese voice of Josè Santos. 
In television, the Euroleague first phase will be shown through the Portuguese channels, Benfica TV, Porto Canal, Sporting TV and the Spanish, Barça TV, Esports3 (TV3 Catalunya) and Tv Galicia
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