Breganze will host the female U17 tournament “Toni Battistella Cup” from 15 to 18 December


The city of Breganze, in the north of Italy, will be the capital of female rink hockey during the next days. The “PalaFerrarin” is the venue of the 3rd edition of the under-17 tournament for clubs born in Mieres (Spain) two years ago and organised in Italy for the first time. This edition is dedicated to the memory of Toni Battistella, a manager of Hockey Breganze (the organising club) and Italian Federation FIHP.
Nine teams are going to play in the “Toni Battistella Cup”: the home team Hockey Breganze and Matera from Italy, the defending champion Matarò, Cuencas Mineras and Rivas Las Lagunas from Spain, Juventude Salesiana from Portugal, Eagle team from Germany, Swiss team from Switzerland and English team from England.
The tournament will start on Thursday afternoon with the first games of the group stage that will end on Friday. Saturday and Sunday the final stage is scheduled.
The aim fo the tournament is to give to youngest female players the opportunity to play in an international context and compare their skills. The under-17 “Toni Battistella Cup” is part of the program of development of the female rink hockey supported by the Cers Rink Hockey Committee.

GROUP A: Cuencas Mineras (SP), Swiss team (CH), Matera (IT)
GROUP B: Matarò (SP), Eagle team (DE), Juventude Salesiana (PT)
GROUP C: Rivas Las Lagunas (SP), English Team (EN), Breganze (IT)

4.00 PM Cuencas Mineras (SP) – Swiss team (CH)
5.30 PM Mataro (SP) – Eagle Team (DE)
7.00 PM Rivas Las Lagunas (SP) – English Team (EN)

8.00 AM Swiss team (CH) – Matera (IT)
9.30 AM Eagle Team (DE) – Juventude Salesiana (PT)
11.00 AM English Team (EN) – Breganze (IT)
3.00 PM Matera (IT) – Cuencas Mineras (SP)
4.30 PM Juventude Salesiana (PT) – Matarò (SP)
6.00 PM Breganze (IT) – Rivas Las Lagunas (SP)

GROUP 1st/3rd PLACE: 1st in the ranking of each group
GROUP 4th/6th PLACE: 2nd in the ranking of each group
GROUP 7th/9th PLACE: 3rd in the ranking of each group

8.00 AM 3rd group A – 3rd group C
9.30 AM 2nd group A – 2nd group C
11.00 AM 1st group A – 1st group C
3.00 PM 3rd group C – 3rd group B
4.30 PM 2nd group C – 2nd group B
6.00 PM 1st group C – 1st group B

8.00 AM 3° group B – 3° group A
9.30 AM 2° group B – 2° group A
11.00 AM 1° group B – 1° group A