Second matchday of Euroleague and the last leg for qualifying for the next round of WS Europe Cup


For the 2nd weekend of European Rink Hockey Club Competitions, will be 11 the live matches broadcasted live by the clubs in our website. 4 of them will be see in our webTV and 7 of them in our Youtube Channel In the bottom part of this communication, you will find all the details for tomorrow.

Photo: Maria Catarina – Ferran Font (Sporting CP) and Federico Ambrosio (Forte dei Marmi)

In Euroleague the best match of the 2nd matchday will be Reus Deportiu against Porto for the Group C. In the Group A Oliveirense will have a difficulty away match in Italy, exactly in Forte dei Marmi (neutral rink for suspension of Armeni rink) against Follonica, instead Barcelona will flight to the north of France at Dinan for confirming the firsr position. In Group B another interesting game will be the Forte dei Marmi against HC Liceo: this game will be played in the neutral rink of Correggio, because the PalaForte is suspended for 1 match. Sporting, instead will play against the german team of SKG Herringen. In Group C Lodi will want to continue the unbeaten in the away match in Saint Omer. In Group D Benfica will be engaged in Switzerland, against Montreux, instead the italian Monza and catalan Noia, will fight for the second position of the group.

In Ws Europe Cup, last leg of the first round of the competition. The third-time winner Barcelos needs to confirm the short victory of 5-4 in the rink of Nantes, instead the spanish Caldes needs to win in own rink for overturn the 1st leg score of 4-2 on behalf of Tomar. Only 2 games even three weeks ago: Diessbach-La Vendeenne and Turquel-Walsum. The two home team could make the best for reaching the next round that will be played on 1st december.

Ferran Font (Sporting CP) and Federico Ambrosio (Forte dei Marmi), in the game of 1st matchday. Photo credit: Catarina Maria

We will inform you after the last game of the day of all the results by email. If you want live official results please follow us on Twitter hashtag #okeuro #okeuropecup or in our website in the two dedicated section, and

All the clubs, from this sporting season, will upload all the entire matches of all the european competitions in our Youtube Channel .

EUROLEAGUE – 2nd MATCHDAY – Saturday 17th November 2018
h 18.00 (CET) – h 17.00 (PT) – Match #12 – H Follonica (IT) x UD Oliveirense (PT): Referees: Ivan Gonzales (SP), Oscar Valverde (SP) – Live
h 21.00 (CET) – h 20.00 (PT) – Match #13 – Dinan Quevert (FR) x FC Barcelona (SP) – Referees:Lars Niestroy (DE), Daniel Loewe (DE) – Live
STANDING: Oliveirense 3 points, Dinan Quevert 0, Barça Lassa and Follonica 0.

h. 18.00 (CET) – h 17.00 (PT) – Match #15 – SK Germania Herringen (DE) x Sporting CP (PT) – Referees: Josep Ribò (SP), Raul Burgos (SP)
h 21.00 (CET) – h 20.00 (PT) – Match #14 – H Forte dei Marmi (IT) x HC Liceo (SP) – Referees: Joaquim Pinto (PT), Jose Pinto (PT) – Live MediasportChannel and
STANDING: HC Liceo (SP) and Sporting CP (PT) 3 points, Forte dei Marmi (IT) and SK Germania Herringen (DE) 0

h 20.30 (CET) – h 19.30 (PT) – Match #17 – SCRA Saint Omer (FR) x Wasken Lodi (IT) – Referees: Rui Torres (PT), Ricardo Leao (PT) – Live
h 21.00 (CET) – h 20.00 (PT) – Match #16 – Reus Deportiu (SP) x FC Porto (PT) – Referees: Luca Molli (IT), Massimiliano Carmazzi (IT) – Live Esports3, Porto Canal and
STANDING: FC Porto (PT) and Amatori Lodi (IT) 3 points, Reus Deportiu (SP) and SCRA Saint Omer (FR) 0

h 19.00 (CET) – h 18.00 (PT) – Match #19 – HC Montreux (CH) x SL Benfica (PT) – Referees: Ulderico Barbarisi (IT), Giovanni Andrisani (IT) – Live
h 20.45 (CET) – h 19.45 (PT) – Match #18 – HRC Monza (IT) x CE Noia (SP) – Referees: Luis Peixoto (PT), Miguel Guilherme (PT) – Live
STANDING: SL Benfica (PT) and CE Noia (SP) 3 points, HRC Monza (IT) and HC Montreux (CH) 0

WS EUROPE CUP – 1/16 – 2nd Leg – Saturday 17th November 2018 (local time)
16.00 – IGR Remscheid (DE) x US Coutras (FR) – 1st Leg: 3-4 – Referees: Roland Eggimann (CH), Steff Jordi (CH)
17.00 – RC Biasca (CH) x ERG Iserlohn (DE) – 1st Leg: 5-4 – Referees: Nuno Melo (FR). Arnaud Esoli (FR)
17.30 – RSC Diessbach (CH) x La Vendeenne (FR) – 1st Leg: 6-6 – Referees: Thomas Ehlert (DE), Thomas Ullrich (DE)
18.00 – RHC Uri (CH) x Igualada HC (SP) – 1st Leg: 1-7 – Referees: Torsten Flossel (DE), Frank Schafer (DE)
19.00 – Girona HC (SP) x RSC Darmstadt (DE) – 1st Leg: 6-1 – Referees: Bruno Sosa (ENG), Karl Wilson (ENG)
19.00 – RSC Uttigen (CH) x RHC Wolfurt (AT) – 1st Leg: 4-5 – Referees: Julien Thibaud (FR), Xavier Bleuzen (FR)
20.00 – CH Caldes (SP) x SC Tomar (PT) – 1st Leg: 2-4 – Referees: Filippo Fronte (IT), Matteo Galoppi (IT) – Live
20.00 – TuS Dusseldorf Nord (DE) x H. Valdagno (IT) – 1st Leg: 2-11 – Referees: Gerard Gorina (SP), German Sandoval (SP)
20.00 – Nantes ARH (FR) x OC Barcelos (PT) – 1st Leg: 4-5 – Referees: Sergi Mayor (SP), Isaac Sanz (SP) – Live
20.30 – CS Noisy Le Grand (FR) x H. Sarzana (IT) – 1st Leg: 2-6 – Referees: Paulo Almeida (PT), Joao Duarte (PT) – Live
21.00 – HC Turquel (PT) x RESG Walsum (DE) – 1st Leg: 4-4 – Referees: Antonio Gomez (SP), Alberto Lopez (SP)
21.30 – Juventude Viana (PT) x RHC Dornbirn (AT) – 1st Leg: 5-2 – Referees: Daniel Villar (SP), Inigo Lopez Leiton (SP) – Live


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